The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 6by Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:42


1.O, Mirk, Mirk Is This Midnight Hourby Mae McKenna4:30
2.Turn Again, Thou Fair Elizaby Ed Miller2:34
3.Awa, Whigs, Awa!by James Malcolm3:02
4.Bonie Wee Thingby John Morran2:56
5.Twa Bonie Lads / Young Jockieby Gillian MacDonald4:08
6.When Guilford Good Our Pilot Stoodby Alistair Hulett3:02
7.O, Meikle Thinks My Loveby Mae McKenna1:59
8.Helen O' Kirkconnelby John Morran4:05
9.Tho' Cruel Fate / She Is a Winsome Wee Thingby Alistair Hulett2:57
10.Auld Rob Morrisby James Malcolm3:40
11.When First I Came to Stewart Kyle / O, Saw Ye Bonie Lesley?by Ed Miller3:37
12.Wha Is That at My Bower-Door? (and Elspeth Cowie)by John Morran0:54
13.Craigieburn Wood / The Day Returnsby Gillian MacDonald4:42
14.Jamie, Come Try Me / John Anderson My Joby Elspeth Cowie2:10
15.And I'll Kiss Thee Yet / In Comin' By the Brig o' Dyeby John Morran4:14
16.As I Cam Down by Yon Castle Wa' / My Lady's Gownby Alistair Hulett6:00
17.Hee Balou, My Sweet Wee Donald / Bannocks O' Bear Mealby Gillian MacDonald3:22
18.From Thee, Eliza, I Must Goby John Morran3:07
19.Peg Nicholsonby John Morran2:21
20.Last May A Braw Wooerby Gillian MacDonald3:44
21.My Heart Is Sair / You're Welcome, Willie Stewartby Mae McKenna2:38