The Complete Them (1964-1967) mp3 Artist Compilation by Them

The Complete Them (1964-1967)by Them

  • 69 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:22:35


Disk #1

1.Don't Start Cryin' Now2:05
2.One Two Brown Eyes2:44
3.Baby Please Don't Go2:44
6.Here Comes the Night2:47
7.All for Myself2:50
8.One More Time2:50
9.How Long Baby3:39
10.Mystic Eyes2:46
11.If You and I Could Be as Two2:57
12.Little Girl (album version)2:29
13.Just a Little Bit2:24
14.I Gave My Love a Diamond2:52
15.You Just Can't Win2:25
16.Go On Home Baby2:41
17.Don't Look Back3:25
18.I Like It Like That3:21
19.I'm Gonna Dress in Black3:37
20.Bright Lights, Big City2:35
21.My Little Baby (mono)2:12
22.(Get Your Kicks on) Route 662:27
23.(It Won't Hurt) Half as Much3:13

Disk #2

1.Could You Would You3:12
2.Something You Got2:33
3.Call My Name (album version)2:21
4.Turn On Your Love Light2:22
5.I Put a Spell on You2:39
6.I Can Only Give You Everything2:42
7.My Lonely Sad Eyes2:30
8.I Got a Woman3:15
9.Out of Sight2:23
10.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue3:50
11.Bad or Good2:08
12.Hello Josephine2:07
13.Don't You Know2:25
14.Hey Girl3:03
15.Bring 'Em On In (album version)3:45
16.Richard Cory2:47
17.Friday's Child3:47
18.The Story of Them, Part 13:53
19.The Story of Them, Part 23:42
20.Baby What You Want Me to Do3:28
21.Stormy Monday Blues2:43
22.Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough2:16

Disk #3

1.Don't Start Crying Now (demo)1:36
2.Gloria (demo)3:03
3.One Two Brown Eyes (demo)2:40
4.Stormy Monday Blues (demo)5:12
5.Turn On Your Love Light (alternate version)4:47
6.Baby Please Don't Go (take 4)2:41
7.Here Comes the Night (take 2)3:00
8.Gloria (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' March 1965)2:53
9.All for Myself (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' March 1965)3:08
10.Here Comes the Night (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' March 1965)2:48
11.Little Girl (version 1)2:49
12.Go On Home Baby (take 4)2:38
13.I Gave My Love a Diamond (take 8)3:08
14.(It Won't Hurt) Half as Much (take 2)3:11
15.My Little Baby (take 1)2:17
16.How Long Baby (take 1)3:38
17.One More Time (take 14)2:53
18.Gloria (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' June 1965)2:40
19.Here Comes the Night (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' June 1965)2:55
20.One More Time (live on BBC's 'Saturday Club' June 1965)2:54
21.Call My Name (single version)2:23
22.Bring 'Em On In (single version)3:17
23.Mighty Like a Rose4:01
24.Richard Cory (alternate version)3:52

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