The Fall of a Rebel Angel (Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Enigma

The Fall of a Rebel Angel (Super Deluxe Edition)by Enigma

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:54:46


Disk #1

1.Circle Eight2:18
2.The Omega Point5:39
4.The Die Is Cast4:17
6.Agnus Dei3:58
7.Sadeness Part II4:09
8.Lost in Nothingness3:21
9.Oxygen Red4:02
10.Confession of the Mind3:48

Disk #2

1.The Story of 'Circle Eight'1:01
2.The Story of 'the Omega Point'1:50
3.The Story of 'Diving'1:26
4.The Story of 'the Die Is Cast'2:00
5.The Story of 'Mother'2:03
6.The Story of 'Agnus Dei'2:49
7.The Story of 'Sadeness (Part II)'2:38
8.The Story of 'Lost in Nothingness'1:46
9.The Story of 'Oxygen Red'1:56
10.The Story of 'Confession of the Mind'2:43
11.The Story of 'Absolvo'1:27
12.The Story of 'Amen'1:38
13.La historia de 'Circle Eight'1:00
14.La historia de 'The Omega Point'1:50
15.La historia de 'Diving'1:26
16.La historia de 'The Die Is Cast'2:00
17.La historia de 'Mother'2:03
18.La historia de 'Agnus Dei'2:49
19.La historia de 'Sadeness (Part II)'2:38
20.La historia de 'Lost in Nothingness'1:46
21.La historia de 'Oxygen Red'1:56
22.La historia de 'Confession of the Mind'2:43
23.La historia de 'Absolvo'1:27
24.La historia de 'Amen'1:38
25.L'histoire de 'Circle Eight'1:00
26.L'histoire de 'The Omega Point'1:50
27.L'histoire de 'Diving'1:26
28.L'histoire de 'The Die Is Cast'2:00
29.L'histoire de 'Mother'2:03
30.L'histoire de 'Agnus Dei'2:49
31.L'histoire de 'Sadeness (Part II)'2:38
32.L'histoire de 'Lost in Nothingness'1:46
33.L'histoire de 'Oxygen Red'1:56
34.L'histoire de 'Confession of the Mind'2:43
35.L'histoire de 'Absolvo'1:27
36.L'histoire de 'Amen'1:38