The Final Experiment mp3 Album by Ayreon
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:16


1.Prologue: a) The Time Telepathy Experiment - b) Overture - c) Ayreon's Quest3:17
2.Act I "The Dawning": The Awareness: a) Premonition - b) ...6:36
3.Act I "The Dawning": Eyes of Time: a) Eyes of Time - b) Brainwaves5:06
4.Act I "The Dawning": The Banishment: a) A New Dawn - b) ...11:08
5.Act II "King Arthur's Court": Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy2:46
6.Act II "King Arthur's Court": Sail Away to Avalon4:02
7.Act II "King Arthur's Court": Nature's Dance2:27
8.Act III "Visual Echoes": Computer-Reign (Game Over)3:24
9.Act III "Visual Echoes": Waracle6:44
10.Act III "Visual Echoes": Listen to the Waves4:59
11.Act III "Visual Echoes": Magic Ride3:36
12.Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Merlin's Will3:21
13.Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": The Charm of the Seer4:11
14.Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Swan Song2:44
15.Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Ayreon's Fate: a) Ayreon's Fate - b) ...6:55