The Glow, Part 2 (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by The Microphones

The Glow, Part 2 (Re-Issue)by The Microphones

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:49:41


Disk #1

1.I Want Wind to Blow5:33
2.The Glow, Part 24:59
3.The Moon5:17
4.Headless Horsemen3:09
5.My Roots Are Strong and Deep1:53
7.The Mansion3:52
10.I'll Not Contain You2:51
11.The Gleam, Part 21:58
13.You'll Be in the Air2:42
14.I Want to Be Cold1:42
15.I Am Bored1:36
16.I Felt My Size2:24
18.I Felt Your Shape1:55
19.Samurai Sword4:08
20.My Warm Blood9:29

Disk #2

1.Where Lies My Tarp?3:49
2.I Felt My Size (acoustic)1:53
3.I Hope You Wish You'd Die2:19
4.I'm Like You, Tree1:14
5.The Glow, Part 2 (sequel)1:48
6.We're Here To3:28
7.Sleepy Hollow1:20
8.Lanterns (version)2:06
9.Map/Moon (version)1:32
10.The Glow, Part 2 (version)6:13
11.I Want Wind to Blow (Backwards)4:18
12.Instrumental (version)0:25
13.The Moon (version)3:46
14.Samurai Sword (version)1:26
15.The Gleam, Part 2 (version)2:37
16.My Roots... (version)0:23
17.I Felt My Size (version)1:26
18.My Warm Blood (Humming)0:23
19.You'll Be in the Air (version)1:00
20.The Mooooon (version)1:54