The Guard Years mp3 Artist Compilation by The Kingston Trio
  • 240 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:31:38


Disk #1

1.Hard, Ain't It Hard2:25
2.Three Jolly Coachmen1:48
3.Scotch and Soda2:34
4.Tom Dooley3:05
5.Sloop John B3:32
7.Santo Anno2:18
8.Fast Freight3:49
9.Bay of Mexico2:52
11.Saro Jane2:23
13.Little Maggie1:46
14.Dodi Lii2:14
15.Medley: Tanga Tika / Toerau1:45
16.Sally (Don't You Grieve)2:48
17.Blue Tattoo2:43
18.Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)2:21
19.When the Saints Go Marching In2:08
20.Gue Gue2:12
21.New York Girls2:21
22.Como se viene, se va2:04
23.Ruby Red2:22
24.Sally (Don't You Grieve)2:36
25.Raspberries, Strawberries2:03

Disk #2

1.Blow Ye Winds2:02
3.Getaway John2:39
4.Remember the Alamo3:01
5.I Bawled1:54
6.Corey, Corey2:09
7.All My Sorrows2:49
8.The Long Black Rifle3:06
9.The Seine2:43
10.Early in the Morning2:06
11.The Tijuana Jail2:52
12.Good News2:03
13.Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)2:20
14.Oh Cindy1:44
15.Sail Away Ladies2:29
16.Goober Peas2:23
17.Haul Away2:28
18.Across the Wide Missouri3:05
19.'round About the Mountain2:44
20.The Unfortunate Miss Bailey2:06
21.A Worried Man2:50
22.The Unfortunate Miss Bailey2:20
23.A Worried Man2:54
24.The Wanderer2:31
25.San Miguel2:17
26.Rollin' Stone2:38

Disk #3

1.Molly Dee1:48
2.E inu tatou e1:55
3.The Hunter2:33
4.Green Grasses2:24
5.Green Grasses (remake)2:27
6.The Hunter (remake)2:30
7.Coo Coo U2:05
8.The World's Last Authentic Playboys2:43
10.Medley: Tanga Tika / Toerau2:06
11.Don't Cry Katie2:57
12.Just Once Around the Clock2:49
13.El Matador2:28
14.Raspberries, Strawberries2:15
15.Farewell Adelita2:24
16.With You My Johnny2:26
17.With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm2:53
18.The Mountains O'Mourne2:54
19.The Tattooed Lady0:58
20.Home From the Hill2:25
21.Mangwani M'Pulele1:39
22.Carrier Pigeon2:24
24.The Escape of Old John Webb2:34
25.Leave My Woman Alone2:18

Disk #4

1.Bad Man's Blunder2:40
2.When I Was Young2:27
3.This Land Is Your Land3:12
4.Who's Gonna Hold Her Hand2:41
5.The Tattooed Lady1:48
6.Coast of California2:40
7.This Mornin', This Evenin', So Soon3:12
8.South Wind3:00
9.Buddy Better Get on Down the Line2:23
10.Colorado Trail2:52
12.Goodnight My Baby1:57
13.Mary Mild2:40
14.Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child3:00
15.A Round About Christmas1:34
16.All Through the Night2:45
17.We Wish You a Merry Christmas1:37
18.Follow Now, Oh Shepherds2:50
19.Somerset Gloucestershire Wassail1:49
20.The Last Month of the Year2:40
21.Go Where I Send Thee2:33
22.The White Snows of Winter2:37
23.Sing We Noel2:08

Disk #5

2.The River Is Wide3:39
3.Speckled Roan3:07
4.Hard Travelin'2:32
5.Sea Fever2:59
7.Don't You Weep Mary2:16
8.Blow the Candle Out2:38
9.Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies2:53
10.Blue Eyed Gal2:17
11.En el agua (Maria Christina)2:19
12.Jug of Punch3:35
13.Bonny Hielan' Laddie2:50
14.Oh, Yes, Oh!2:42
15.Billy Goat Hill1:50
16.Pastures of Plenty2:25
17.Guardo el lobo2:53
18.Mary Was Pretty2:05
19.Run Molly Run1:51
20.You Don't Knock2:26
21.Lemon Tree2:19
22.The Wines of Madeira3:03
23.Adieu to My Island2:42
24.You're Gonna Miss Me2:44
26.The Golden Spike1:51
27.Razors in the Air2:31
28.It Was a Very Good Year3:22

Disk #6

1.Part 1: Introduction / Saro Jane (Club Show, 7-13-1958)3:13
2.Santo Anno3:05
3.Three Jolly Coachmen3:38
4.I Bawled2:12
5.South Coast4:22
6.Gue Gue2:47
7.Dodi Lii3:30
8.Zombie Jamboree3:06
9.Go Where I Send Thee2:47
10.Ruby Red2:07
11.Scotch and Soda2:46
13.Sloop John B4:10
14.Hard, Ain't It Hard3:34
15.Part 2: Introduction / Banua (Club Show, 7-13-1958)2:09
16.Bay of Mexico3:40
17.New York Girls3:13
18.Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)3:21

Disk #7

1.Medley: Shady Grove / Lonesome Traveler2:48
3.Fast Freight4:28
4.Tic Tic Tic (The Lost Watch)2:25
5.Lei Pakalana2:30
6.Pay Me My Money Down2:19
7.Across the Wide Missouri3:57
8.Little Maggie2:34
9.Tom Dooley3:44
11.When the Saints Go Marching In5:19
12.Tic, Tic, Tic (The Lost Watch)2:12
13.Gue Gue2:52
15.South Coast4:28
16.Zombie Jamboree3:17
18.New York Girls2:46
19.They Call the Wind Maria5:04
20.The Merry Minuet2:10
21.Medley: Shady Grove / Lonesome Traveler3:31
22.When the Saints Go Marching In3:44

Disk #8

2.Three Jolly Coachmen3:26
3.South Coast4:52
5.They Call the Wind Maria4:19
6.Zombie Jamboree3:30
7.Tom Dooley4:27
8.The Merry Minuet2:20
9.Raspberries, Strawberries2:33
10.When the Saints Go Marching In4:48
11.Introduction by George Wein0:54
12.Saro Jane2:29
15.All My Sorrows2:59
16.Remember the Alamo3:35
17.E inu tatou e2:39
18.Hard, Ain't It Hard3:30
19.The Merry Minuet2:39
20.When the Saints Go Marching In2:42
21.Three Jolly Coachmen1:53
22.South Coast4:29
23.Scotch and Soda2:51
24.Zombie Jamboree2:45

Disk #9

1.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: The Hunter1:56
2.Oh, Cindy1:32
3.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: Goober Peas2:04
4.Blow Ye Winds2:13
5.The Hunter / Oleanna4:09
6.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: Corey, Corey2:33
7.A Worried Man1:10
8.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: Molly Dee3:09
9.Oh, Cindy1:42
10.Goober Peas1:49
11.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: Three Jolly Coachman2:10
12.Cold Cure With Ken Carpenter1:10
13.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: Scarlet Ribbons1:36
14.Golf Scores With Ken Carpenter1:07
15.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: M.T.A.1:54
16.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: A Worried Man1:28
17.Nick's Houseboat With Ken Carpenter1:08
18.Skiing With Ken Carpenter1:03
19.With You My Johnny1:46
20.Kingston Trio Sings for 7-Up: The Hunter2:27
21.Blow Ye Winds1:02
22.A Worried Man1:02
23.M.T.A. (60 Seconds version)1:03
24.M.T.A. (20 Seconds version)0:19

Disk #10

1.Tom Dooley (With German intro)3:09
2.Medley: Tanga Tika / Toerau2:06
3.Don't Cry Katie3:12
4.The Mountains O'Mourne2:53
5.Home From the Hill1:35
6.Mangwani M'Pulele1:46
7.Carrier Pigeon2:44
8.Run Joe (TV)1:04
9.Dave Guard Trio: Cha Cha Boom2:28
10.Dave Guard Trio: Come Back Liza3:15
11.Dave Guard Trio: Jamaica Farewell3:03
12.Dave Guard Trio: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine2:56
13.Dave Guard Trio: Lolly Tu Dum3:08
14.Dave Guard Trio: Without My Lover2:12
15.Dave Guard Trio: Fast Freight5:15
16.Kingston Trio: Without My Lover1:59
17.Kingston Trio: Run Joe2:38
18.Grayson & Whitter: Tom Dooley3:09
19.Lonnie Donegan: Tom Dooley3:21
20.Merle Kilgore: Tom Dooley, Jr.3:11
21.Clinton Brooks: Tom Duley Rock2:28
22.Curtis Hoback: Tom Dooley Rock and Roll2:20
23.Nilsen Brothers: Tom Dooley (German)3:21
24.Nilsen Brothers: Tom Dooley II (German)3:22

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