The Long Way Around mp3 Album by Tom Russell

The Long Way Aroundby Tom Russell

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:19


1.St. Olav's Gate (feat. Nanci Griffith)3:11
2.Outbound Plane (feat. Nanci Griffith)2:49
3.Big Water (feat. Iris DeMent)3:56
4.Beyond the Blues (feat. Jimmie Dale Gilmore)3:52
5.Spanish Burgundy3:04
6.U.S. Steel4:05
7.Walkin' On the Moon (feat. Katy Moffatt)3:49
8.The Angel of Lyon6:00
9.Veteran's Day3:40
10.The Eyes Of Roberto Duran2:34
11.Blue Wing (feat. Dave Alvin)4:07
12.Haley's Comet (feat. Dave Alvin & Katy Moffatt)3:41
13.Manzanar (feat. Katy Moffatt)5:08
14.Mineral Wells (feat. Katy Moffatt)4:10
15.Gallo del Cielo (feat. Katy Moffatt)6:28
16.The Road to Bayamon (feat. Katy Moffatt)3:35
17.Box of Visions (feat. Iris DeMent)3:10