The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The West mp3 Album by Tom Russell

The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The Westby Tom Russell

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:31


Disk #1

2.This Is The Last Frontier1:14
3.Guilty/Johnny Behind-the-Deuce5:38
4.Sam Hall0:59
5.The Rose of Roscrae5:34
6.Hair Trigger Heart5:05
7.Hell Be Dead Before He Hits the Ground1:21
8.You Gotta Have A Dance/ St James Hospital2:41
9.Aint No More Cane On The Brazos3:19
10.The Last Running5:33
11.Home On The Range/America1:14
12.Just A Closer Walk (With Augie Blood)2:25
13.Cowboy Voices Beyond The Campfire2:02
14.He Wasnt A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober4:43
15.The Sidekicks Last Testament2:15
16.Johnnys Campfire Soliloquy #11:36
17.The Unfortunate Rake/The Streets of Laredo1:48
18.The Hands of Damien2:17
19.This Is The Last Frontier/Campfire Soliloquy #21:41
20.Carrickfergus/The Water Is Wide4:33
21.The Fairground Pugilist1:31
22.Campfire Soliloquy #31:07
23.Campfire Ghosts/Cowboy Voices2:17
24.Crazy Horse/Custers Luck2:43
25.Johnny Behind-the-Deuce #2Molokai1:28
26.She Talks To God3:22
27.Rock of Ages/Gunpowder Sunset Overture2:52

Disk #2

1.The Water Is Wide/Overture2:33
2.I Talk To God3:14
3.The Bear2:53
4.The Railroad Boy1:05
5.Resurrection Mountain3:47
6.When The Wolves No Longer Sing2:59
7.Just A Closer Walk With Thee/The Gospel of John, Chapter 42:34
8.Jesus Met The Woman At The Well2:37
9.Damien (A Crust of Bread, A Slice of Fish, A Cup of Water)5:21
10.Guadalupe/Valentine de la Sierra4:23
11.Poor Mother Mexico1:20
12.Gallo del Cielo1:33
13.Soliloquy #1/Swiss Yodel Choir1:51
14.En Canadien Errant1:09
15.Hell Be Dead Before He Hits The Ground #21:32
16.Doin Hard Time In Texas3:15
17.When I Was A Cowboy aka Western Cowboy1:56
18.West Texas Montage4:26
19.Old Rattlebag Blues (Soliloquy #2)2:36
20.Midnight Wine5:23
21.Whiskey In His Blood2:31
23.Irish Medley/The Stable4:52
24.Isnt It Grand?1:48
25.The Rose of Roscrae5:48