The Lumpy Money Project/Object: An FZ Audio Documentary mp3 Artist Compilation by Frank Zappa

The Lumpy Money Project/Object: An FZ Audio Documentaryby Frank Zappa

  • 78 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:25:29


Disk #1

1.I Sink Trap [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]2:44
2.II Gum Joy [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]3:44
3.III Up & Down [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]1:51
4.IV Local Butcher [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]2:35
5.V Gypsy Airs [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]1:41
6.VI Hunchy Punchy [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]2:06
7.VII Foamy Soaky [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]2:33
8.VIII Let's Eat Out [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]1:48
9.IX Teen-Age Grand Finale [FZ's Original Edit for Capitol Records]3:30
10.Are You Hung Up?1:25
11.Who Needs the Peace Corps?2:32
12.Concentration Moon2:21
13.Mom & Dad2:15
14.Telephone Conversation0:48
15.Bow Tie Daddy0:33
16.Harry, You're a Beast1:20
17.What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?1:02
18.Absolutely Free3:25
19.Flower Punk3:03
20.Hot Poop0:26
21.Nasal Rententive Calliope Music2:02
22.Let's Make the Water Turn Black1:57
23.The Idiot Bastard Son3:22
24.Lonely Little Girl1:10
25.Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance1:33
26.What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (reprise)0:57
27.Mother People2:30
28.The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny6:23

Disk #2

1.Lumpy Gravy, Part One (1984 UMRK remix)15:56
2.Lumpy Gravy, Part Two (1984 UMRK remix)17:15
3.Are You Hung Up? (1984 UMRK remix)1:29
4.Who Needs the Peace Corps? (1984 UMRK remix)2:35
5.Concentration Moon (1984 UMRK remix)2:17
6.Mom & Dad (1984 UMRK remix)2:15
7.Telephone Conversation (1984 UMRK remix)0:48
8.Bow Tie Daddy (1984 UMRK remix)0:33
9.Harry, You're a Beast (1984 UMRK remix)1:21
10.What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (1984 UMRK remix)1:03
11.Absolutely Free (1984 UMRK remix)3:27
12.Flower Punk (1984 UMRK remix)3:04
13.Hot Poop (1984 UMRK remix)0:28
14.Nasal Retentive Calliope Music (1984 UMRK remix)2:02
15.Let's Make the Water Turn Black (1984 UMRK remix)1:45
16.The Idiot Bastard Son (1984 UMRK remix)3:16
17.Lonely Little Girl (1984 UMRK remix)1:11
18.Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (1984 UMRK remix)1:34
19.What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (reprise, 1984 UMRK remix)0:57
20.Mother People (1984 UMRK remix)2:30
21.The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny (1984 UMRK remix)6:25

Disk #3

1.How Did That Get in Here?25:01
2.Lumpy Gravy "Shuffle"0:30
3.Dense Slight1:42
4.Unit 3A, Take 32:23
5.Unit 2, Take 91:09
6.Section 8, Take 222:39
7."My Favorite Album"0:58
8.Unit 90:42
9.n. Double a, AA0:55
10.Theme From Lumpy Gravy1:53
11."What the Fuck's Wrong With Her"1:07
12.Intelligent Design1:11
13.Lonely Little Girl (original composition - take 24)3:35
14."That Problem With Absolutely Free"0:29
15.Absolutely Free (instrumental)3:59
16.Harry, You're a Beast (instrumental)1:16
17.What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (reprise/instrumental)2:00
19.Idiot Bastard Snoop0:47
20.Idiot Bastard Son (instrumental)2:48
21."What's Happening of the Universe"1:37
22."The World Will Be a Far Happier Place"0:20
23.Lonely Little Girl (instrumental)1:25
24.Mom & Dad (instrumental)2:16
25.Who Needs the Peace Corps? (instrumental)2:51
26."Really Little Voice"2:27
27.Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (instrumental)1:24
28.Lonely Little Girl (single version)2:44
29."In Conclusion"0:24