The Masterplan mp3 Artist Compilation by Oasis

The Masterplanby Oasis

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:28


2.Underneath The Sky3:21
3.Talk Tonight4:21
4.Going Nowhere4:39
5.Fade Away4:13
6.The Swamp Song4:20
7.I Am The Walrus [Live]6:25
8.Listen Up6:21
9.Rockin' Chair4:36
10.Half The World Away4:22
11.[It'S Good] To Be Free4:19
12.Stay Young5:05
14.The Masterplan5:23
Don't be fooled because these songs were originally just b-sides! "The Masterplan" contains some of my favorite Oasis songs, should have been on albums in the first place. Beats a lot of studio albums I've heard! And there seems to be more of a connecting theme than you might expect from such a compilation, somehow these songs just want to make me reflect on life.

Although Liam Gallagher sings most of Oasis's bigger hits I actually prefer his brother Noel's vocals on a lot of these, like "Going Nowhere" (could be my theme song, lol; has a soft yet powerful sound); "Half the World Away" and "The Masterplan" are also more relaxed, beautifully bittersweet and understated songs. "Underneath the Sky" is my favorite on the album sung by Liam. Don't go in much for instrumental-only tracks so I do usually skip "The Swamp Song". "Headshrinker" is Oasis hard-rock/punk style; a little different but I like! "Acquiesce" is the opening track and awesome because you get both Noel and Liam singing!

I've only discovered this awesome band recently but I predict that my media player will be seeing a lot of this Oasis album for a long time to come. In conclusion, I have to say that I agree with Noel: "The Masterplan" is quite possibly the best song he ever wrote.