The Mystery Of Time (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Avantasia

The Mystery Of Time (Limited Edition)by Avantasia

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:13:21


Disk #1

2.The Watchmakers' Dream4:15
3.Black Orchid6:53
4.Where Clock Hands Freeze4:35
6.Savior in the Clockwork10:41
7.Invoke the Machine5:30
8.What's Left of Me5:07
9.Dweller in a Dream4:45
10.The Great Mystery10:03
11.The Cross and You4:17
12.Death Is Just a Feeling (alternative version)5:22

Disk #2

1.Spectres (instrumental version)6:10
2.The Watchmakers' Dream (instrumental version)4:15
3.Black Orchid (instrumental version)6:53
4.Where Clock Hands Freeze (instrumental version)4:35
5.Sleepwalking (instrumental version)3:52
6.Savior in the Clockwork (instrumental version)10:41
7.Invoke the Machine (instrumental version)5:30
8.What's Left of Me (instrumental version)5:07
9.Dweller in a Dream (instrumental version)4:45
10.The Great Mystery (instrumental version)10:03