The Perfect Jazz Collection 2 by Various Artists

The Perfect Jazz Collection 2

by Various Artists

  • 247 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 23:29:59


Disk #1

1.Skin Deepby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra6:50
2.The Moocheby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra6:37
3.Take the "A" Trainby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra8:03
4.A Tone Parallel to Harlem (Harlem Suite)by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra13:49
5.Perdidoby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra8:25
6.The Controversial Suite: Before My Timeby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra6:09
7.The Controversial Suite: Laterby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra4:15
8.The Liberian Suite: I Like the Sunriseby Duke Ellington & His Orchestra4:28
9.The Liberian Suite: Dance No. 1by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra4:50
10.The Liberian Suite: Dance No. 2by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:26
11.The Liberian Suite: Dance No. 3by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:45
12.The Liberian Suite: Dance No. 4by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:05
13.The Liberian Suite: Dance No. 5by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra5:08

Disk #2

1.Balcony Rockby The Dave Brubeck Quartet11:55
2.Out of Nowhereby The Dave Brubeck Quartet8:04
3.Le Soukby The Dave Brubeck Quartet4:36
4.Take the "A" Trainby The Dave Brubeck Quartet6:11
5.The Song Is Youby The Dave Brubeck Quartet5:38
6.Don't Worry 'bout Meby The Dave Brubeck Quartet8:47
7.I Want to Be Happyby The Dave Brubeck Quartet6:36

Disk #3

1.Honeysuckle Roseby Louis Armstrong2:56
2.Blue Turning Grey Over Youby Louis Armstrong4:57
3.I'm Crazy 'Bout My Babyby Louis Armstrong4:29
4.Squeeze Meby Louis Armstrong5:06
5.Keepin' Out of Mischief Nowby Louis Armstrong3:22
6.All That Meat and No Potatoesby Louis Armstrong5:17
7.I've Got a Feeling I'm Fallingby Louis Armstrong3:13
8.(What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blueby Louis Armstrong4:39
9.Ain't Misbehavin'by Louis Armstrong4:02
10.(What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blue (alternate)by Louis Armstrong4:54
11.I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (alternate)by Louis Armstrong4:41
12.Blue Turning Grey Over You (alternate)by Louis Armstrong4:57
13.I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling (alternate)by Louis Armstrong3:18
14.Squeeze Meby Louis Armstrong3:21
15.(What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blueby Louis Armstrong3:03
16.Ain't Misbehavin'by Louis Armstrong3:16
17.Blue Turning Grey Over Youby Louis Armstrong3:30
18.Keepin' Out of Mischief Nowby Louis Armstrong3:32
19.Sweet Savannah Sueby Louis Armstrong3:14
20.That Rhythm Manby Louis Armstrong3:09

Disk #4

1.'Round Midnightby Miles Davis5:58
2.Ah-Leu-Chaby Miles Davis5:53
3.All of Youby Miles Davis7:03
4.Bye Bye Blackbirdby Miles Davis7:57
5.Tadd's Delightby Miles Davis4:29
6.Dear Old Stockholmby Miles Davis7:52
7.Two Bass Hitby Miles Davis3:45
8.Little Melonaeby Miles Davis7:22
9.Budoby Miles Davis4:17
10.Sweet Sue, Just Youby Miles Davis3:40

Disk #5

1.Wild Man Bluesby Henry "Red" Allen4:49
2.Rosettaby Henry "Red" Allen5:00
3.Fine and Mellowby Billie Holiday6:22
4.Bluesby Jimmy Giuffre & Pee Wee Russell6:55
5.I left My Babyby Count Basie4:29
6.The Train and the Riverby Jimmy Giuffre4:46
7.Nervousby Mal Waldron3:46
8.Dickie's Dreamby Count Basie5:55
9.Wild Man Blues (alternate take)by Henry "Red" Allen8:43

Disk #6

1.Better Git It in Your Soulby Charles Mingus7:23
2.Goodbye Pork Pie Hatby Charles Mingus5:44
3.Boogie Stop Shuffleby Charles Mingus5:03
4.Self-Portrait in Three Colorsby Charles Mingus3:10
5.Open Letter to Dukeby Charles Mingus5:51
6.Bird Callsby Charles Mingus6:18
7.Fables of Faubusby Charles Mingus8:14
8.Pussy Cat Duesby Charles Mingus9:15
9.Jelly Rollby Charles Mingus6:17
10.Pedal Point Bluesby Charles Mingus6:31
11.GG Trainby Charles Mingus4:40
12.Girl of My Dreamsby Charles Mingus4:08

Disk #7

1.My Funny Valentineby Paul Desmond3:52
2.Desmond Blueby Paul Desmond3:40
3.Then I'll Be Tired of Youby Paul Desmond4:06
4.I've Got You Under My Skinby Paul Desmond4:33
5.Late Lamentby Paul Desmond4:09
6.I Should Careby Paul Desmond3:53
7.Like Someone in Loveby Paul Desmond4:12
8.Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)by Paul Desmond3:51
9.Body and Soulby Paul Desmond5:02
10.Autumn Leavesby Paul Desmond5:45
11.Imaginationby Paul Desmond4:05
12.Advise and Consentby Paul Desmond2:18
13.Autumn Leaves (take 1)by Paul Desmond5:51
14.Autumn Leaves (take 3)by Paul Desmond3:53
15.Imagination (take 4)by Paul Desmond5:10
16.Advise and Consent (take 4)by Paul Desmond2:02

Disk #8

1.Without a Songby Sonny Rollins7:29
2.Where Are Youby Sonny Rollins5:11
3.John Sonny Rollins7:46
4.The Bridgeby Sonny Rollins5:59
5.God Bless the Childby Sonny Rollins7:29
6.You Do Something to Meby Sonny Rollins6:49

Disk #9

1.Thelonious (take 1)by Thelonious Monk3:17
2.Ugly Beauty (take 5)by Thelonious Monk10:47
3.Raise Fourby Thelonious Monk7:02
4.Boo Boo's Birthday (take 11)by Thelonious Monk5:58
5.Easy Streetby Thelonious Monk7:52
6.Green Chimneysby Thelonious Monk13:12
7.In Walked Budby Thelonious Monk6:50
8.Ugly Beauty (take 4)by Thelonious Monk7:39
9.Boo Boo's Birthday (take 2)by Thelonious Monk5:36
10.Thelonious (take 3)by Thelonious Monk3:11

Disk #10

1.Straight Lifeby Freddie Hubbard17:30
2.Mr. Cleanby Freddie Hubbard13:37
3.Here's That Rainy Dayby Freddie Hubbard5:16

Disk #11

1.So Whatby George Benson9:21
2.The Gentle Rainby George Benson9:15
3.All Clearby George Benson5:30
4.Ode to a Kuduby George Benson3:48
5.Somewhere in the Eastby George Benson6:12
6.All Clear (alternate take)by George Benson5:48
7.Ode to a Kudu (alternate take)by George Benson4:42
8.Somewhere in the East (alternate take)by George Benson9:46

Disk #12

1.Birds of Fireby Mahavishnu Orchestra5:50
2.Miles Beyondby Mahavishnu Orchestra4:48
3.Celestial Terrestrial Commutersby Mahavishnu Orchestra2:55
4.Sapphire Bullets of Pure Loveby Mahavishnu Orchestra0:24
5.Thousand Island Parkby Mahavishnu Orchestra3:24
6.Hopeby Mahavishnu Orchestra2:00
7.One Wordby Mahavishnu Orchestra9:58
8.Sanctuaryby Mahavishnu Orchestra5:06
9.Open Country Joyby Mahavishnu Orchestra3:56
10.Resolutionby Mahavishnu Orchestra2:09

Disk #13

1.I Come From Jamaicaby Clifford Brown2:40
2.Ida Redby Clifford Brown2:01
3.Walkin'by Clifford Brown11:38
4.A Night in Tunisiaby Clifford Brown11:04
5.Donna Leeby Clifford Brown7:10

Disk #14

1.Autumn Leavesby Chet Baker7:06
2.She Was Too Good to Meby Chet Baker4:43
3.Funk in Deep Freezeby Chet Baker6:09
4.Tangerineby Chet Baker5:30
5.With a Song in My Heartby Chet Baker4:07
6.What'll I Doby Chet Baker3:58
7.It's You or No Oneby Chet Baker4:31
8.My Future Just Passedby Chet Baker4:47

Disk #15

1.Line For Lyonsby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker8:14
2.For An Unfinished Womanby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker8:49
3.My Funny Valentineby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker8:40
4.Song For Strayhornby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker9:27
5.It's Sandy At The Beachby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker9:09
6.Bernie's Tuneby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker7:53
7.K-4 Pacificby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker11:42
8.There Will Never Be Another Youby Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker6:54

Disk #16

1.Palm Greaseby Herbie Hancock10:38
2.Actual Proofby Herbie Hancock9:43
3.Butterflyby Herbie Hancock11:18
4.Spank-a-Leeby Herbie Hancock7:13

Disk #17

1.Ponta de areiaby Wayne Shorter5:18
2.Beauty and the Beastby Wayne Shorter5:05
3.Tardeby Wayne Shorter5:50
4.Miracle of the Fishesby Wayne Shorter4:49
5.Dianaby Wayne Shorter3:04
6.From the Lonely Afternoonsby Wayne Shorter3:16
7.Ana Mariaby Wayne Shorter5:10
8.Liliaby Wayne Shorter7:04
9.Joanna's Themeby Wayne Shorter4:18

Disk #18

1.You'd Be So Nice to Come Home Toby Jim Hall7:07
2.Two's Bluesby Jim Hall3:52
3.The Answer Is Yesby Jim Hall7:40
4.Concierto de Aranjuezby Jim Hall19:19
5.Rock Skippin'by Jim Hall6:13
6.Unfinished Businessby Jim Hall2:39
7.You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (alternate take)by Jim Hall7:29
8.The Answer Is Yes (alternate take)by Jim Hall5:37
9.Rock Skippin' (alternate take)by Jim Hall6:03

Disk #19

1.Medieval Overtureby Return to Forever5:14
2.Sorceressby Return to Forever7:34
3.The Romantic Warriorby Return to Forever10:52
4.Majestic Danceby Return to Forever5:01
5.The Magicianby Return to Forever5:29
6.Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant, Parts I & IIby Return to Forever11:26

Disk #20

1.School Daysby Stanley Clarke7:51
2.Quiet Afternoonby Stanley Clarke5:10
3.The Dancerby Stanley Clarke5:29
4.Desert Songby Stanley Clarke6:57
5.Hot Funby Stanley Clarke2:55
6.Life Is Just a Gameby Stanley Clarke9:02

Disk #21

1.Black Marketby Weather Report9:47
2.Teen Townby Weather Report6:04
3.A Remark You Madeby Weather Report8:02
4.Slangby Weather Report4:45
5.In a Silent Wayby Weather Report2:52
6.Birdlandby Weather Report6:58
7.Thanks for the Memoryby Weather Report3:34
8.Badia / Boogie Woogie Waltz Medleyby Weather Report9:29
9.8:30by Weather Report2:37
10.Brown Streetby Weather Report8:35
11.The Orphanby Weather Report3:16
12.Sightseeingby Weather Report5:36

Disk #22

1.Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Anchoby Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin11:35
2.Short Tales of the Black Forestby Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin8:44
3.Frevo Rasgadoby Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin7:57
4.Fantasia Suiteby Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin8:54
5.Guardian Angelby Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin4:01

Disk #23

1.'Round Midnightby Dexter Gordon5:37
2.Body and Soulby Dexter Gordon5:55
3.Bérangère's Nightmareby Dexter Gordon3:06
4.Fair Weatherby Dexter Gordon6:06
5.Una Noche con Francisby Dexter Gordon4:25
6.The Peacocksby Dexter Gordon7:16
7.How Long Has This Been Going On?by Dexter Gordon3:14
8.Rhythm-A-Ningby Dexter Gordon4:12
9.Still Timeby Dexter Gordon3:51
10.Minuit aux Champs-Élyséesby Dexter Gordon3:25
11.Chan's Song (Never Said)by Dexter Gordon4:22
12.'Round Midnightby Dexter Gordon13:11

Disk #24

1.Get It Straight (live)by Carmen McRae3:58
2.Dear Rubyby Carmen McRae6:01
3.It's Over Nowby Carmen McRae5:28
4.Monkery's the Bluesby Carmen McRae4:56
5.You Know Whoby Carmen McRae3:31
6.Little Butterflyby Carmen McRae5:15
7.Listen to Monkby Carmen McRae3:05
8.How I Wishby Carmen McRae4:56
9.Man, That Was a Dreamby Carmen McRae2:55
10.'round Midnightby Carmen McRae6:32
11.Still We Dreamby Carmen McRae3:34
12.Suddenly (live)by Carmen McRae3:41
13.Looking Backby Carmen McRae5:38
14.Suddenly (alternate version)by Carmen McRae3:11
15.Get It Straight (alternate version)by Carmen McRae3:32
16.'round Midnight (alternate version)by Carmen McRae7:13
17.Listen to Monk (alternate take)by Carmen McRae3:02
18.Man, That Was a Dream (alternate take)by Carmen McRae3:23

Disk #25

1.In the Court of King Oliverby Wynton Marsalis4:31
2.Never Let Me Goby Wynton Marsalis1:46
3.Street of Dreamsby Wynton Marsalis4:07
4.Where or Whenby Wynton Marsalis2:51
5.Bona and Paulby Wynton Marsalis1:46
6.The Seductressby Wynton Marsalis2:56
7.A Sleepin' Beeby Wynton Marsalis3:16
8.Big Butter and Egg Manby Wynton Marsalis4:46
9.The Very Thought of Youby Wynton Marsalis5:37
10.I Cover the Waterfrontby Wynton Marsalis4:53
11.How Are Things in Glocca Morraby Wynton Marsalis2:58
12.My Romanceby Wynton Marsalis1:50
13.Everything Happens to Meby Wynton Marsalis5:05
14.Flamingoby Wynton Marsalis3:21
15.You're My Everythingby Wynton Marsalis3:25
16.Skylarkby Wynton Marsalis2:56
17.It's Easy to Rememberby Wynton Marsalis4:07
18.Taking a Chance on Loveby Wynton Marsalis3:50
19.I Gotta Right to Sing the Bluesby Wynton Marsalis5:00
20.In the Wee Small Hours of the Morningby Wynton Marsalis1:57
21.It's Too Late Nowby Wynton Marsalis2:55