The Princess mp3 Album by Parov Stelar

The Princessby Parov Stelar

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:54:52


Disk #1

1.Milla's Dream3:44
2.All Night2:47
3.Nobody's Fool (feat. Cleo Panther)3:08
4.The Princess3:07
5.Silent Shuffle (feat. Jerry Di Monza)3:34
6.This Game (feat. Anduze)3:08
7.You Got Me There4:11
8.Dust in the Summer Rain (feat. Lilja Bloom)3:38
9.Requiem for Annie1:11
10.With You (feat. Lilja Bloom)3:20
11.The Beach3:57
12.Song for the Crickets5:32
13.Beautiful Morning3:23
14.The Fog (feat. Jerry Di Monza)2:57
15.True Romance, Part 2 (feat. Lilja Bloom)2:47

Disk #2

1.Jimmy's Gang5:27
2.Sally's Dance (feat. Cleo Panther)3:46
3.Booty Swing3:18
4.Baska Brother5:29
5.The Phantom (1930 version)4:34
6.The Snake5:32
7.Wanna Fete5:30
8.Oh Yeah3:47
9.The Vamp (feat. Max the Sax)5:22
10.The Paris Swing Box5:23
11.All Night (extended club version)4:23
12.A Song for You (feat. Jerry Di Monza)5:47
13.Jimmy's Gang (Enzo Siffredi remix)6:10