The Princess And The Frog mp3 Soundtrack by Randy Newman

The Princess And The Frogby Randy Newman

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:55


1.Never Knew I Needed [Ne-Yo]by Randy Newman3:38
2.Down in New Orleans (Prologue)by Randy Newman0:28
3.Down in New Orleansby Randy Newman2:27
4.Almost Thereby Randy Newman2:24
5.Friends on the Other Sideby Randy Newman3:35
6.When We're Humanby Randy Newman2:22
7.Gonna Take You Thereby Randy Newman1:46
8.Ma Belle Evangelineby Randy Newman1:56
9.Dig a Little Deeperby Randy Newman2:48
10.Down in New Orleans (Finale)by Randy Newman1:38
11.Fairy Tale / Going Homeby Randy Newman4:17
12.I Know This Storyby Randy Newman5:27
13.The Frog Hunters / Gator Downby Randy Newman6:04
14.Tiana's Bad Dreamby Randy Newman6:22
15.Ray Laid Lowby Randy Newman3:22
16.Ray / Mama Odieby Randy Newman4:01
17.This Is Gonna Be Goodby Randy Newman3:20

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