The Reminder mp3 Album by Feist

The Reminderby Feist

  • 14 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 54:10


1.So Sorry3:10
2.I Feel It All3:38
3.My Moon My Man3:48
4.The Park4:32
5.The Water4:45
7.Past In Present2:52
8.The Limit To Your Love4:19
10.Brandy Alexander3:34
12.Honey Honey3:24
13.How My Heart Behaves4:22
14.Honey Honey [live]4:32
Feist is a talented artist, but didn't have much commercial success until this album, her third. The Reminder was a Top Ten album, primarily due to the song "1234". The song was used in a popular Apple iPod ad, giving the indie rocker instant recognition. She capitalized it by making a great, single-shot video featuring a colorful cast of dozens, and even an making appearance on Sesame Street, altering the lyrics to help teach kids to count. The Canadian singer sold over 2.5 million copies of The Reminder. She won a Juno award for Album of the Year, among many others.

Though 1234 is the big hit, she also had some success with the singles "My Moon, My Man" and "I Feel It All". Additionally, "Sea Lion Woman", a song based on a traditional folk song, and "Honey, Honey" were released as digital only singles.

The albums style reflects her many influences, from folk, to rock, to jazz, and even a hint of theatrical music. It all works together as a whole work of indie rock. It's not for everyone, as she is not striving to be a commercial artist. A lot of her music is very catchy, but she doesn't always revolve her songs around the riffs. She's a strong lyricist, and has a great voice, so it's worth giving the album a shot beyond 1234.