The Road To Paradiso mp3 Artist Compilation by Epica

The Road To Paradisoby Epica

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:20


1.Welcome To The Road To Paradiso4:39
2.Making Of Adyta1:35
3.Adyta (Demo Version)1:25
4.Making Of Cry For The Moon1:30
5.Cry For The Moon (Demo Version)6:45
6.Making Of Quietus1:15
7.Quietus (Demo Version)3:44
8.Quietus (Single Version)3:56
9.The Fallacy (Unreleased Track)3:26
10.Interview With Ad On The Live Tracks0:34
11.Solitary Ground (Unreleased Live Version)4:07
12.Blank Infinity (Unreleased Live Version)4:07
13.Mother Of Light (Unreleased Live Version)6:03
14.Linger (Unreleased Piano Version)4:19
15.Crystal Mountain (Orchestral Version)5:04
16.Purushayita (Unreleased Track)3:51