The Twilight Saga: New Moon mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

The Twilight Saga: New Moonby Various Artists

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:40


1.Meet Me On The Equinoxby Death Cab For Cutie3:44
2.Friendsby Band Of Skulls3:10
3.Hearing Damageby Thom Yorke5:06
4.Possibilityby Lykke Li5:07
5.A White Demon Love Songby The Killers3:35
6.Satellite Heartby Anya Maria3:35
7.I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)by Muse3:13
8.Rosylnby Bon Iver & St. Vincent4:50
9.Done All Wrongby Black Rebel Motorcycle Club2:51
10.Monstersby Hurricane Bells3:17
11.The Violet Hourby Sea Wolf3:33
12.Shooting The Moonby OK Go3:19
13.Slow Lifeby Grizzly Bear (With Victoria Legrand)4:22
14.No Sound But The Windby Editors3:49
15.New Moon (The Meadow)by Alexandre Desplat4:09

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I'll admit it - I don't like Twilight. In fact, I mostly hate it. But I have one good thing to say about the series - the musical director, Alexandra Patsavas, is a genius. She manages to pick the perfect music in every project she works on - so perfect are her picks that people associate the emotions of a scene with the music. For this reason, she has made many indie bands successful.

Outside of people who already listened to indie music, few had heard of Bon Iver, Sea Wolf, or Grizzly Bear before Ms. Patsavas chose them for this soundtrack.

Her musical choices make the movie worth watching. I can almost forget that Kristen Stewart never breathes with her mouth closed when I hear Thom Yorke's eerie track, "Hearing Damage" as some vampire or other runs through the Pacific Northwest forest.

And "Rosyln" (yes, it's spelled that way) makes me actually sympathize with the whiny, mopey, boring Bella Swan.

Even more impressive, Band of Skull's track, "Friends," almost makes one scene in the movie cheerful. Unfortunately, Bella quickly ruins the cheer with her psychologically unhealthy need to hallucinate Edward Cullen. But hey, the magic of music can't be asked to completely compensate for Twilight, can it?
Great album full of well written original songs. Usually I'm not a big fan of movie sound tracks, but this one is amazing. The group of artists that they got to write custom songs just for this movie is absolutely shocking - and they all wrote great songs. Along with checking out this album, you should check Lykke li, Band of Skulls, and Bon Iver - who all wrote a song for this album. My favourite songs are friends, meet me on the equinox, and satellite hearts.