The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 11 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 11by Various Artists

  • 79 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:58:40


Disk #1

1.Trinity River Bluesby T-Bone Walker3:09
2.Wichita Falls Bluesby T-Bone Walker3:10
3.T-Bone Bluesby T-Bone Walker3:16
4.I Got A Break Babyby T-Bone Walker3:18
5.Mean Old Worldby T-Bone Walker2:55
6.Low Down Dirty Shame (Married Woman Blues)by T-Bone Walker2:37
7.Sail On Boogieby T-Bone Walker2:39
8.I'M Still In Love With Youby T-Bone Walker2:52
9.You Don't Love Me Bluesby T-Bone Walker2:38
10.T-Bone Boogieby T-Bone Walker3:03
11.Mean Old World Bluesby T-Bone Walker2:54
12.Eveningby T-Bone Walker3:29
13.My Baby Left Me (Blues)by T-Bone Walker2:53
14.Come Back To Me Baby (Blues)by T-Bone Walker3:07
15.She'S Going To Ruin Me (Blues)by T-Bone Walker2:56
16.I Can't Stand Being Away From Youby T-Bone Walker3:10
17.No Worry Bluesby T-Bone Walker2:43
18.Don't Leave Me Babyby T-Bone Walker2:49
19.Bobby Sox Bluesby T-Bone Walker2:40
20.I'M Gonna Find My Babyby T-Bone Walker2:54

Disk #2

1.Black And Evil Bluesby Josh White3:15
2.Howling Wolf Bluesby Josh White3:07
3.Greenville Sheikby Josh White3:07
4.Double Crossing Womanby Josh White2:51
5.Lazy Black Snake Bluesby Josh White2:52
6.Downhearted Man Bluesby Josh White3:17
7.Low Cottonby Josh White2:53
8.Lord, I Want To Die Easyby Josh White3:26
9.My Father Is A Husbandmanby Josh White3:00
10.Welfare Bluesby Josh White3:26
11.Stormy Weather No. 1by Josh White3:01
12.Friendly City Bluesby Josh White2:51
13.Milk Cow Bluesby Josh White3:06
14.Badly Mistreated Manby Josh White3:12
15.New Milk Cow Bluesby Josh White2:57
16.Black Manby Josh White3:05
17.Bed Springs Bluesby Josh White2:57
18.Paul And Silas Bound In Jailby Josh White3:02
19.Did You Read That Letter?by Josh White3:07
20.Silicosis Is Killin' Meby Josh White2:58

Disk #3

1.Rough Alley Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:16
2.Expirience Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:12
3.Painful Bluesby Blind Willie McTell2:53
4.Low Rider'S Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:17
5.Georgia Ragby Blind Willie McTell3:04
6.Low Down Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:12
7.Rollin' Mama Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:04
8.Lonesome Day Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:15
9.Mama, Let Me Scope For Youby Blind Willie McTell3:08
10.Searching The Dessert For The Bluesby Blind Willie McTell3:08
11.Warm It Up To Meby Blind Willie McTell2:56
12.It'S Your Time To Worryby Blind Willie McTell3:03
13.It'S A Good Little Thingby Blind Willie McTell2:51
14.You Was Born To Dieby Blind Willie McTell2:50
15.Lord Have Mercy If You Pleaseby Blind Willie McTell2:57
16.Don't You See How This World Made A Changeby Blind Willie McTell2:55
17.Savannah Mamaby Blind Willie McTell3:16
18.Broke Down Engineby Blind Willie McTell3:13
19.Broke Down Engine No 2by Blind Willie McTell2:53
20.My Baby'S Goneby Blind Willie McTell2:58
21.Love-Makin' Mamaby Blind Willie McTell2:55
22.Death Room Bluesby Blind Willie McTell2:58
23.Lord, Send Me An Angelby Blind Willie McTell2:51

Disk #4

1.Too Too Train Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:53
2.Worrying You Out Of My Mindby Big Bill Broonzy3:06
3.How You Want It Doneby Big Bill Broonzy2:52
4.Bull Cow Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:53
5.Long Tall Mamaby Big Bill Broonzy2:49
6.Good Jellyby Big Bill Broonzy3:18
7.Rising Sun Shine Onby Big Bill Broonzy3:11
8.Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Downby Big Bill Broonzy2:45
9.Friendless Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy3:25
10.Mississippi River Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:43
11.Come Home Earlyby Big Bill Broonzy3:01
12.Southern Flood Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy3:16
13.Horny Frogby Big Bill Broonzy3:05
14.It'S Your Time Nowby Big Bill Broonzy2:50
15.W.P.A. Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:50
16.Big Billy Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:56

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