The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 15 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 15by Various Artists

  • 81 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:51:01


Disk #1

1.Jivin' The Jiveby Roosevelt Sykes3:20
2.Mellow Queenby Roosevelt Sykes2:59
3.Strange Womanby Roosevelt Sykes3:04
4.This Tavern Boogieby Roosevelt Sykes2:37
5.Anytime Is The Right Timeby Roosevelt Sykes3:15
6.The Honeydripperby Roosevelt Sykes2:59
7.Date Baitby Roosevelt Sykes3:01
8.Peepin' Tomby Roosevelt Sykes2:53
9.Sunny Roadby Roosevelt Sykes3:04
10.Living In A Different Worldby Roosevelt Sykes3:14
11.Flames Of Jiveby Roosevelt Sykes3:24
12.Homesick Bluesby Roosevelt Sykes3:11
13.I'M Her Honeydripperby Roosevelt Sykes2:51
14.Bobby Sox Bluesby Roosevelt Sykes2:52
15.Kilroy'S In Townby Roosevelt Sykes2:57
16.Walkin' And Drinkin'by Roosevelt Sykes3:11
17.High As A Georgia Pineby Roosevelt Sykes2:38
18.Until The Cows Come Homeby Roosevelt Sykes3:08
19.Southern Bluesby Roosevelt Sykes2:31
20.My Baby Is Goneby Roosevelt Sykes2:51
21.Rock Itby Roosevelt Sykes2:56
22.Drivin' Wheelby Roosevelt Sykes2:53

Disk #2

1.Feel So Badby Lightnin Hopkins2:10
2.Katie Mayby Lightnin Hopkins3:01
3.Blues (That Mean Old Twister)by Lightnin Hopkins3:09
4.I Can't Stay Here In Your Townby Lightnin Hopkins2:48
5.Can't Do Like You Used Toby Lightnin Hopkins2:33
6.Shord Haired Womanby Lightnin Hopkins2:24
7.West Coast Bluesby Lightnin Hopkins2:38
8.Fast Mail Ramblerby Lightnin Hopkins2:48
9.Thinkin' And Worryin'by Lightnin Hopkins2:55
10.Can't Get That Woman Off My Mindby Lightnin Hopkins2:39
11.Picture On The Wallby Lightnin Hopkins2:49
12.You'Re Not Goin' To Worry My Life Anymoreby Lightnin Hopkins2:50
13.You'Re Gonna Miss Meby Lightnin Hopkins2:18
14.Have To Let You Goby Lightnin Hopkins2:40
15.Someday Babyby Lightnin Hopkins2:39
16.Come Back Babyby Lightnin Hopkins2:41
17.My Californiaby Lightnin Hopkins2:34
18.Lighnin's Boogieby Lightnin Hopkins2:17

Disk #3

1.Wednesday Evening Bluesby John Lee Hooker3:59
2.My First Wife Left Meby John Lee Hooker3:34
3.Boogie Chillenby John Lee Hooker3:09
4.Sally Maeby John Lee Hooker3:12
5.Henry'S Swing Clubby John Lee Hooker3:11
6.Hobo Bluesby John Lee Hooker2:48
7.Crawling King Snakeby John Lee Hooker2:39
8.Albertaby John Lee Hooker3:05
9.Do My Baby Think Of Meby John Lee Hooker2:52
10.Three Long Years Todayby John Lee Hooker3:05
11.Strike Bluesby John Lee Hooker2:39
12.Grinder Manby John Lee Hooker3:11
13.Walkin' This Highwayby John Lee Hooker2:19
14.Four Woman In My Lifeby John Lee Hooker3:12
15.I Need Lovin'by John Lee Hooker2:55
16.Find Me A Womanby John Lee Hooker2:40
17.I'M In The Moodby John Lee Hooker2:42

Disk #4

1.I Gotta Guyby Johnny Otis2:57
2.Mean Ole Galby Johnny Otis2:36
3.Thursday Night Bluesby Johnny Otis2:46
4.Good Ole Bluesby Johnny Otis2:17
5.Boogie Guitar (Three Guitars)by Johnny Otis2:35
6.Ain't Nothing Shakin'by Johnny Otis2:29
7.Hangover Bluesby Johnny Otis2:53
8.Get Together Bluesby Johnny Otis2:37
9.I'M Not Falling In Love With Youby Johnny Otis2:41
10.If It'S So, Babyby Johnny Otis3:06
11.Our Romance Is Goneby Johnny Otis2:35
12.If I Didn't Love You Soby Johnny Otis3:13
13.Rain In My Eyesby Johnny Otis3:16
14.Double Crossing Bluesby Johnny Otis2:49
15.Head Hunterby Johnny Otis3:05
16.Going To See My Babyby Johnny Otis2:39
17.The Little Red Henby Johnny Otis2:30
18.New Orleans Shuffleby Johnny Otis2:41
19.The Turkey Hop - Part Iby Johnny Otis2:37
20.The Turkey Hop - Part Iiby Johnny Otis2:42
21.Blues Nocturneby Johnny Otis2:49
22.Cry Babyby Johnny Otis3:02
23.Lover'S Lane Boogieby Johnny Otis2:31
24.I Found My Troublesby Johnny Otis2:41

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