The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 16by Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43:11


Disk #1

1.Miss Martha Kingby B.B. King2:43
2.When You Baby Packs Up And Goesby B.B. King2:28
3.Got The Bluesby B.B. King2:50
4.Take A Swing With Meby B.B. King2:35
5.Mistreated Womanby B.B. King2:47
6.B.B. Boogieby B.B. King3:17
7.The Other Night Bluesby B.B. King3:37
8.Walkin' And Cryin'by B.B. King2:53
9.My Baby Is Goneby B.B. King2:00
10.B.B. Bluesby B.B. King2:29
11.Fine Looking Womanby B.B. King2:19
12.She'S Dynamiteby B.B. King2:32
13.She'S A Mean Womanby B.B. King2:33
14.Hard Working Womanby B.B. King2:34
15.That Ain't The Way To Do Itby B.B. King2:20
16.Three O'Clock Bluesby B.B. King3:02
17.She Don't Move Me No Moreby B.B. King3:06
18.Shake It Up And Goby B.B. King2:32
19.My Own Fault Darlin'by B.B. King3:22
20.I Gotta Find My Babyby B.B. King2:44

Disk #2

1.I'M Just A Lady'S Manby Jimmy Witherspoon2:27
2.Ther Ain't Nothing Betterby Jimmy Witherspoon2:58
3.Love Me Babyby Jimmy Witherspoon2:42
4.Love And Friendshipby Jimmy Witherspoon3:09
5.Good Jumping Akaby Jimmy Witherspoon2:47
6.I'M Just A Country Boyby Jimmy Witherspoon3:03
7.Slow Your Speedby Jimmy Witherspoon2:59
8.Geneva Blues Aka Evel Womanby Jimmy Witherspoon2:26
9.I'M Just Wandering (Part 1)by Jimmy Witherspoon2:38
10.I'M Just Wandering (Part 2)by Jimmy Witherspoon2:28
11.Baby, Babyby Jimmy Witherspoon2:18
12.Sweet Lovin' Babyby Jimmy Witherspoon2:33
13.The Doctor Knows His Business Aka Doctor Bluesby Jimmy Witherspoon2:12
14.Rain, Rain, Rainby Jimmy Witherspoon2:44
15.Thelma Lee Bluesby Jimmy Witherspoon2:39

Disk #3

1.Moanin' At Midnightby Howlin' Wolf2:56
2.How Many More Yearsby Howlin' Wolf2:44
3.Riding In The Moonlightby Howlin' Wolf3:04
4.Dog Me Aroundby Howlin' Wolf2:44
5.Morning At Midnightby Howlin' Wolf2:34
6.Keep What You Gotby Howlin' Wolf2:23
7.Riding In The Moonlightby Howlin' Wolf2:40
8.House Rockin' Boogieby Howlin' Wolf4:10
9.Crying At Daybreakby Howlin' Wolf3:54
10.Passing By Bluesby Howlin' Wolf2:42
11.My Baby Stole Offby Howlin' Wolf2:59
12.I Want Your Pictureby Howlin' Wolf2:51
13.The Wolf Is At Your Door (Howlin' For My Baby)by Howlin' Wolf2:59
14.California Bluesby Howlin' Wolf2:57
15.California Boogieby Howlin' Wolf2:59
16.Look-A-Here Babyby Howlin' Wolf2:10
17.Howlin' Wolf Boogieby Howlin' Wolf2:39
18.Smile At Meby Howlin' Wolf2:06
19.Gettin' Old And Grayby Howlin' Wolf2:39
20.Mr.Highway Manby Howlin' Wolf2:49
21.My Baby Walked Offby Howlin' Wolf2:59
22.C. V. Wine Bluesby Howlin' Wolf3:04
23.My Troubles And Meby Howlin' Wolf3:14
24.Chocolate Dropby Howlin' Wolf2:41
25.Highway Manby Howlin' Wolf2:25

Disk #4

1.Roll With Me Babyby Ray Charles2:37
2.The Sun's Gonna Shine Againby Ray Charles2:38
3.Jumpin' In The Morningby Ray Charles2:46
4.The Midnight Hourby Ray Charles3:00
5.It Should Have Been Meby Ray Charles2:44
6.Heartbreakerby Ray Charles2:51
7.Sinner'S Prayerby Ray Charles3:23
8.Mess Aroundby Ray Charles2:40
9.Losing Handby Ray Charles3:11
10.Funny But I Still Love Youby Ray Charles3:15
11.Feelin' Sadby Ray Charles2:50
12.I Wonder Whoby Ray Charles2:48
13.Don't You Knowby Ray Charles2:56
14.Ray'S Bluesby Ray Charles2:54
15.Nobody Caresby Ray Charles2:39
16.Mr. Charles Bluesby Ray Charles2:47
17.Black Jackby Ray Charles2:20
18.I Got A Womanby Ray Charles2:50
19.Come Back Babyby Ray Charles3:05
20.Greenbacksby Ray Charles2:49