The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 17 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 17by Various Artists

  • 76 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:57:27


Disk #1

1.Boogie Woogie Stompby Albert Ammons3:38
2.Chicago In Mindby Albert Ammons4:01
3.Suitcase Bluesby Albert Ammons3:52
4.Boogie Woogie Bluesby Albert Ammons3:43
5.Untitled Ammonsby Albert Ammons4:08
6.Bass Goin' Crazyby Albert Ammons3:22
7.Backwater Bluesby Albert Ammons4:05
8.Changes In Boogieby Albert Ammons4:07
9.Albert'S Special Boogie Woogieby Albert Ammons3:01
10.The Boogie Rocksby Albert Ammons3:02
11.Blues On My Mindby Albert Ammons3:09
12.Bugle Boogieby Albert Ammons2:52
13.Doin' The Boogie Woogieby Albert Ammons2:51
14.Oh, Lady Be Goodby Albert Ammons2:34
15.Suitcase Blues (2)by Albert Ammons2:46
16.Boogie Woogie At The Civic Operaby Albert Ammons2:36
17.Swanee River Boogieby Albert Ammons2:33
18.Why I'M Leaving Youby Albert Ammons2:40
19.I Don't Want To See Youby Albert Ammons2:51
20.Red Sails In The Sunsetby Albert Ammons2:30

Disk #2

1.Honky Tonk Train Bluesby Meade "Lux" Lewis4:16
2.Bass On Topby Meade "Lux" Lewis3:42
3.Six Wheel Chaserby Meade "Lux" Lewis3:56
4.Tell Your Storyby Meade "Lux" Lewis4:02
5.Tell Your Story No. 2by Meade "Lux" Lewis4:13
6.Rising Tide Bluesby Meade "Lux" Lewis3:43
7.Doll House Boogieby Meade "Lux" Lewis4:10
8.Denapas Paradeby Meade "Lux" Lewis3:02
9.The Boogie Tidalby Meade "Lux" Lewis2:32
10.Randini'S Boogieby Meade "Lux" Lewis2:16
11.Lux'S Boogieby Meade "Lux" Lewis2:21
12.Yancey'S Prideby Meade "Lux" Lewis2:32
13.Glendale Glideby Meade "Lux" Lewis2:12
14.Yancey Specialby Meade "Lux" Lewis4:12
15.Blues Whistleby Meade "Lux" Lewis4:20
16.Chicago Flyerby Meade "Lux" Lewis3:59

Disk #3

1.Kaycee Feelingby Pete Johnson2:50
2.Lights Out Moodby Pete Johnson3:03
3.Dive Bomberby Pete Johnson2:58
4.Answer To The Boogieby Pete Johnson2:24
5.Mr. Freddy Bluesby Pete Johnson2:57
6.Zero Hoursby Pete Johnson3:11
7.Bottomland Boogieby Pete Johnson3:07
8.Rock It Boogieby Pete Johnson3:05
9.Backroom Bluesby Pete Johnson2:47
10.1946 Stompby Pete Johnson2:52
11.Pete'S Lonesome Bluesby Pete Johnson2:43
12.Mr. Drums Meets Mr. Pianoby Pete Johnson2:44
13.Mutiny In The Doghouseby Pete Johnson2:27
14.Pete Kay Boogieby Pete Johnson3:02
15.Central Avenue Dragby Pete Johnson2:47
16.66 Stompby Pete Johnson2:45
17.Minuet Boogieby Pete Johnson2:38
18.Yancy Street Boogieby Pete Johnson2:41
19.Hollywood Boogieby Pete Johnson2:47
20.Wiley'S Boogieby Pete Johnson2:52

Disk #4

1.Artie Shaw And His Orchestra / Meade Lux Specialby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:27
2.Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra / Boogie Woogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:11
3.Bob Crosby And His Orchestra / Honky Tonky Train Bluesby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:12
4.Woody Herman And His Orchestra / Indian Boogie Woogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:09
5.Benny Goodman And His Orchestra; Albert Ammons; Meade Lux Lewis / Roll 'Emby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:51
6.Harry James And His Orchestra / Back Beat Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:47
7.Bob Zurke And His Delta Rhythm Band / Cow Cow Bluesby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:50
8.Count Basie / Basie Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:23
9.Earl Hines And His Orchestra / Boogie Woogie On The St. Louis Bluesby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:50
10.Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra / Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beatby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:17
11.Gene Krupa And His Orchestra / Drum Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:08
12.Count Basie Orchestra / Basie Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:29
13.Lionel Hampton / Hamp'S Boogie Woogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:01
14.Jack Teagarden And His Orchestra / Boogie Woogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:05
15.Count Basie / Wild Bill'S Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:32
16.Lionel Hampton / Hamp'S Walking Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:00
17.Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra / Hamp'S Boogie Woogie No. 2by The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:59
18.Gene Krupa And His Swinging Big Band / Gene'S Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie3:02
19.Count Basie / Hob Nail Boogieby The Big Band Boogie Woogie2:33
20.Woody Herman And His Orchestra / Pinetop'S Bluesby The Big Band Boogie Woogie4:12

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