The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 6by Various Artists

  • 81 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:06:23


Disk #1

1.I'Ve Found A New Babyby Sidney Bechet3:13
2.Sweetie Dearby Sidney Bechet2:49
3.Shagby Sidney Bechet3:07
4.Maple Leaf Ragby Sidney Bechet2:55
5.Really The Bluesby Sidney Bechet3:37
6.Weary Bluesby Sidney Bechet3:01
7.Polka Dot Ragby Sidney Bechet2:48
8.Tain't A Fit Night Out For Man Or Beastby Sidney Bechet2:30
9.Characteristic Bluesby Sidney Bechet2:52
10.Black Stick Bluesby Sidney Bechet2:46
11.When The Sun Sets Down South [Southern Sunset]by Sidney Bechet3:10
12.Jungle Drumsby Sidney Bechet2:28
13.Chant In The Nightby Sidney Bechet2:23
14.Ja-Daby Sidney Bechet2:54
15.When You And I Were Young, Maggieby Sidney Bechet2:44
16.Summertimeby Sidney Bechet4:07
17.Oh, Didn't He Ramble?by Sidney Bechet3:12
18.I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Sayby Sidney Bechet3:11
19.High Societyby Sidney Bechet2:49
20.Winin' Boy Bluesby Sidney Bechet3:08

Disk #2

1.Swing Gateby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:19
2.Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Babyby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:28
3.Going! Going! Goneby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:59
4.A Ghost Of A Chanceby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:48
5.Midnight Rythmby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:26
6.Shuffle Off To Buffaloby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:30
7.The Coming Home Of Hi-De-Hooby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:40
8.Sophisticated Ladyby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:50
9.Nobody'S Sweetheartby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:13
10.My Pretty Girlby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:01
11.Dinahby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:06
12.Bug-A-Booby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:36
13.Happy As The Day Is Longby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:59
14.I Would If I Could But I Can'tby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:24
15.Hard Cornby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:15
16.Hot Nutsby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:27
17.Shoutin' In The Amen Cornerby Washboard Rhythm Kings2:42
18.Move Turtleby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:23
19.I Want To Ring Bellsby Washboard Rhythm Kings3:08

Disk #3

1.Mutiny In The Parlorby Mezz Mezzrow3:01
2.The Panic Is Onby Mezz Mezzrow2:38
3.I'Se A'Muggin - Part 1by Mezz Mezzrow2:42
4.I'Se A'Muggin - Part 2by Mezz Mezzrow2:41
5.Blues In Disguiseby Mezz Mezzrow3:13
6.That'S How I Feel Todayby Mezz Mezzrow2:32
7.Hot Club Stompby Mezz Mezzrow2:34
8.The Swing Session's Called To Orderby Mezz Mezzrow2:20
9.Revolutionary Bluesby Mezz Mezzrow2:45
10.Comin' On With The Come On - Part 1by Mezz Mezzrow3:28
11.Comin' On With The Come On - Part 2by Mezz Mezzrow3:00
12.Swingin' For Mezz (Careless Love)by Mezz Mezzrow3:09
13.Royal Garden Bluesby Mezz Mezzrow3:07
14.Everybody Loves My Babyby Mezz Mezzrow2:26
15.I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Rollby Mezz Mezzrow2:59
16.If You See Me Comin'by Mezz Mezzrow3:03
17.Gettin' Togetherby Mezz Mezzrow2:46
18.I'M Tired Of Fattenin' Frogs For Snakesby Mezz Mezzrow3:02
19.Stop It, Joeby Mezz Mezzrow3:13
20.My Man Jumped Salty On Meby Mezz Mezzrow3:22
21.Double Crossin' Papaby Mezz Mezzrow2:45

Disk #4

1.Love Is Just Around The Cornerby Pee Wee Russell3:06
2.Embraceable Youby Pee Wee Russell4:03
3.Serenade To A Shylockby Pee Wee Russell4:34
4.Sundayby Pee Wee Russell3:00
5.There'Ll Be Some Changes Madeby Pee Wee Russell2:43
6.Friar'S Point Shuffleby Pee Wee Russell3:01
7.(I Ain't Give Nobody) None Of My Jelly Rollby Pee Wee Russell2:58
8.Georgia Grindby Pee Wee Russell2:56
9.Jig Walkby Pee Wee Russell2:42
10.Deuces Wildby Pee Wee Russell2:53
11.The Last Time I Saw Chicagoby Pee Wee Russell2:55
12.About Faceby Pee Wee Russell2:48
13.Don't Leave Me Daddyby Pee Wee Russell2:36
14.Rosettaby Pee Wee Russell3:15
15.Someone To Watch Over Meby Pee Wee Russell3:06
16.Sqeeze Meby Pee Wee Russell2:31
17.Take Me To The Land Of Jazzby Pee Wee Russell3:03
18.Rose Of Washington Squareby Pee Wee Russell2:40
19.Keepin' Out Of Mischief Nowby Pee Wee Russell3:05
20.D.A. Bluesby Pee Wee Russell3:48
21.Wailin' D.A. Bluesby Pee Wee Russell3:56