The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 8 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 8by Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:12:27


Disk #1

1.Figety Feetby Lu Watters3:26
2.Figety Feet - Alternateby Lu Watters3:39
3.Milenberg Joysby Lu Watters3:25
4.High Societyby Lu Watters2:49
5.High Society - Alternateby Lu Watters2:53
6.Hot House Ragby Lu Watters2:09
7.Come Backby Lu Watters3:12
8.Daddy Doby Lu Watters3:35
9.Daddy Do - Alternateby Lu Watters3:10
10.Tiger Ragby Lu Watters2:59
11.London Cafe Bluesby Lu Watters3:21
12.London Cafe Blues - Alternateby Lu Watters3:42
13.Terrible Bluesby Lu Watters2:59
14.Muskrat Rambleby Lu Watters2:33
15.Muskrat Ramble - Alternateby Lu Watters2:08
16.Temptation Ragby Lu Watters2:40
17.Sunset Cafe Stompby Lu Watters2:44
18.Sunset Cafe Stomp - Alternateby Lu Watters2:44
19.Riverside Bluesby Lu Watters3:25
20.Cake Walking Babies From Homeby Lu Watters2:38

Disk #2

1.That Da-Da Strainby Bobby Hackett2:45
2.At The Jazz Band Ballby Bobby Hackett2:36
3.Clarinet Marmaladeby Bobby Hackett2:41
4.After I Say I'M Sorryby Bobby Hackett2:30
5.Love Is Just Around The Cornerby Bobby Hackett3:05
6.Ja-Daby Bobby Hackett2:42
7.Sundayby Bobby Hackett3:13
8.California Here I Comeby Bobby Hackett3:04
9.Rose Roomby Bobby Hackett2:44
10.S'Wonderfulby Bobby Hackett2:42
11.Ja-Da (Alt 1)by Bobby Hackett2:13
12.Ja-Da (Alt 2)by Bobby Hackett2:09
13.Exactly Like Youby Bobby Hackett2:25
14.Sweet Georgia Brownby Bobby Hackett2:32
15.Soonby Bobby Hackett3:14
16.When Day Is Doneby Bobby Hackett4:30
17.Skeleton Jangleby Bobby Hackett2:47
18.New Orleansby Bobby Hackett3:21
19.At Sundownby Bobby Hackett3:55
20.I Must Have That Manby Bobby Hackett3:30
21.When Your Lover Has Goneby Bobby Hackett3:27

Disk #3

1.Jamin' In Fourby Edmond Hall4:21
2.Edmond Hall Bluesby Edmond Hall4:14
3.Profoundly Blue No. 2by Edmond Hall4:15
4.Profoundly Blue No. 2by Edmond Hall3:56
5.Royal Garden Bluesby Edmond Hall4:08
6.Blues At Blue Noteby Edmond Hall4:15
7.High Societyby Edmond Hall4:06
8.The Man I Loveby Edmond Hall3:14
9.Rompin' In '44by Edmond Hall3:58
10.Seein' Redby Edmond Hall4:15
11.I'Ve Found A New Babyby Edmond Hall2:52
12.It'S Been So Longby Edmond Hall3:08
13.I Can't Believe That You'Re In Love With Meby Edmond Hall3:03
14.Big City Bluesby Edmond Hall4:13
15.It'S Only A Chanty In Old Chanty Townby Edmond Hall2:43
16.Walkin' The Dogby Edmond Hall4:33
17.Tishomingo Bluesby Edmond Hall4:34
18.Caravanby Edmond Hall2:28
19.The Sheik Of Arabyby Edmond Hall2:31

Disk #4

1.Sugarby Barney Bigard2:38
2.Ain't Goin' No Placeby Barney Bigard3:03
3.Someday Sweetheartby Barney Bigard2:56
4.That Old Feelingby Barney Bigard2:45
5.Tea For Twoby Barney Bigard3:19
6.Steps Steps Upby Barney Bigard3:27
7.Steps Steps Downby Barney Bigard3:16
8.Moonglowby Barney Bigard3:24
9.Oh, Didn't He Rambleby Barney Bigard2:49
10.Crawfish Bluesby Barney Bigard3:05
11.Barney'S Bounceby Barney Bigard2:40
12.Lulu'S Moodby Barney Bigard2:41
13.A Portrait Of Louiseby Barney Bigard3:06
14.A Lull At Dawnby Barney Bigard3:14
15.Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreamsby Barney Bigard2:57
16.Soft And Warmby Barney Bigard2:37
17.Salty Papa Bluesby Barney Bigard2:58
18.Evil Gal Bluesby Barney Bigard3:02
19.Blow Top Bluesby Barney Bigard2:37
20.Long, Long Journeyby Barney Bigard2:50