Thunderdome mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdomeby Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:24:30


Disk #1

1.Introby Drokz0:58
2.Impossible Pilldriver3:04
3.Danse Macabreby Dr. Macabre1:53
4.6.48 Minutes to D'Spyreby D'spyre2:18
5.Swarmby Meagashira3:10
6.The Fat Fuckby The Destroyer2:39
7.Headache FMby B.S.E.4:01
8.The Great Strifeby Endorphin5:15
9.Thunder Anthemby DJ Weirdo2:03
10.One Spliffby DJ Hixxy & Lady Trixxy1:57
11.Wake Up Brooklynby Cirillo2:02
12.Watch Your Bassbinsby DJ Noizer1:45
13.Rockin'by Neophyte2:31
14.Feeling Shitby Nasenbluten1:47
15.XTR Experimentby DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse1:54
16.20.000 Tonsby Billy the Kid1:53
17.FSSU (vs. Randy)by Lukas1:31
18.Bust That Assby Drokz3:40
19.Arxfileby Ingler2:38
20.Bitchby Psychojunks2:04
21.Gods of Hellby Twin Terror2:42
22.Happy Is Voor Hobo'sby Bodylotion2:23
23.ABBA Gabba (Speedfreak's Mutterficker Massaker mix)by Riot Nation3:28
24.Ready to Attackby HCM2:08
25.Rave Is My Churchby The Destroyer2:42
26.Demonheadby Don Demon & Stickhead2:54
27.Your Secret Fantasyby Illegal Alien3:12

Disk #2

1.Power of Knowledgeby Endymion2:21
2.Evilutionby Evil Activities2:49
3.Planet Rockerby Weapon X2:19
4.Cold as Me (vs. Tha Playah)by Evil Activities3:57
5.Act of God (Official Thunderdome Anthem) (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu4:13
6.Imperial (vs. Tha Playah)by Evil Activities3:31
7.No Place to Hideby Evil Activities4:17
8.My Musicby Nexes3:45
9.Pass the Bottles (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu3:18
10.Nothing (feat. MC Ruffian)by Evil Activities3:07
11.Pledge of Resistanceby Nitrogenetics2:55
12.No Fucking Soul (feat. DJ VInce)by Angerfist2:43
13.Last Motherfuckerby DJ Mad Dog3:14
14.Dirtby Masters of Ceremony4:56
15.Quiet Dedication (DJ Neophyte & The Playah remix)by Evil Activities & DJ Panic3:44
16.Megamixby Evil Activities4:10
17.Awful Soundby DJ Mad Dog2:45
18.Spank Yer Assby Unexist3:52

Disk #3

1.Suppression Deviceby Enzyme X3:48
2.Future in Progressby Moleculez2:24
3.Phaseshiftby Ophidian2:25
4.Scatteredby The Outside Agency & Ophidian2:20
5.Armorgeddonby Ruffneck & Sei2ure2:18
6.Predator & Preyby Ophidian2:35
7.Elbow Deepby SPL2:22
8.The New Master VIpby The Outside Agency2:22
9.Silly Mid Onby Enzyme X3:08
10.Karmalucinogenicfxby Ruffneck & Ophidian2:50
11.The Poemby Unexist2:42
12.Kicking the Bassdrumby Tieum2:41
13.Show Meby Unexist2:41
14.Blood Omenby Enzyme X3:02
15.Push Up the Level to the Light Mixby Tieum2:26
16.Wolfmanby Deceiver & Ophidian2:59
17.Phased Basedby Enzyme X2:03
18.Payback (Sei2ure remix)by Endymion3:20
19.System_5601by DJ Nosferatu3:02
20.Particle Physicsby Lunatic & Miss Hysteria2:17
21.Lost Frequency (The Outside Agency remix)by SPL1:10
22.Operation Xby Limewax & The Panacea2:36
23.Hell's Basementby The Outside Agency3:00
24.Manhunt IIby The Outside Agency & Fracture 42:52
25.Rocket Fuelby Sei2ure3:10
26.Dissonant Poetry (3rd Verse by Synapse & Sei2ure)by Enzyme X2:24
27.Running Interferenceby DJ Nosferatu2:10
28.Noisemaker (Noise Made by Tapage & Meander Ofzo)by Ruffneck & Ophidian2:55