Thunderdome XII: Caught in the Web of Death mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome XII: Caught in the Web of Deathby Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:28


Disk #1

1.Here's Jonny (Gabba DJ mix)by Hocus Pocus3:58
2.Answer Meby Myrmidon4:08
3.Immortalityby Buzz Fuzz & DJ Delirium4:03
4.The Dope Manby DJ Gizmo3:41
5.Mind Explosionby Lords of the Underworld3:55
6.U Gotta Give It Babeby Too Small3:56
7.I Wanna Rock Ya'by The Prophet4:07
8.Pump Itby Psylocke3:11
9.Hardcore Powerby DJ Waxweazle4:20
10.Return of the Looney (DJ Jordens mix)by Renata Riccardi4:00
11.What the Fuck Are You Laughing Atby Tripax4:02
12.The Mixerby Cixx3:06
13.Loud as a Fuck (54321 mix)by DJ Sim4:07
14.Our House Is Your Houseby E-Rick & Tactic4:21
15.Turntable Junkieby Scarface3:51
16.My DJ......Cutz!by ParaDoxx3:41
17.DJ Rob's 20 Secondsby DJ Rob4:05
18.Destroyerby Buzz Fuzz4:01
19.I'm the Law (feat. DJ Promo)by The Judges4:11
20.Don't Fuck With The Chuck (Toys R Us Remix)by Chucky3:46

Disk #2

1.Ecstacy, You Got What I Needby Rob Gee4:18
2.Ruffneck (Sound of the Drum & The Bass)by Wedlock3:48
3.Code Redby DJ Paul Elstak3:53
4.Raggabum (DJ Isaac remix)by Triplet4:01
5.Bonkers (Stunned Guys mix)by The Riders3:25
6.Integatorby Davie Forbes4:11
7.Motherfuckin' Musicby Re-Charge4:03
8.Get on the Move (Hardcore mix)by Carlos Masserati3:40
9.Surrender Your Dreamzby DJ Delirium4:01
10.Slamma Jammaby Omar Santana3:59
11.Ready to Rok Ya!by Happy Toons4:07
12.What Is Wrong With Meby E-Wax3:47
13.B With Uby 50% of the Dreamteam3:55
14.The Way That We Rock!by DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob3:38
15.Make You Dance (feat. General Noise)by DJ Tails & Noizer3:41
16.Testcrashin'by The Controllers4:03
17.Drop Itby The Coalition4:17
18.Sing It Louderby DJ Promo & Da Vinci3:22
19.Natural Born Killerby Dominion4:03
20.Move Ya Bodyby DJ Dano3:46

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