Title Of Record mp3 Album by Filter
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:29


2.Welcome To The Fold7:40
3.Captain Bligh5:12
4.It'S Gonna Kill Me5:05
5.The Best Things4:26
6.Take A Picture6:04
8.I Will Lead You3:23
10.I'M Not The Only One5:50
11.Miss Blue19:49
Stu Kendrick
Title of Record, Filter's second album, is not only their penultimate album, but closes out the 90s Alternative Rock decade with a huge bang. This LP is very well polished and flows beautifully from beginning to end, with every song full of emotion and no filler whatsoever, save for the intro, Sand, which could have just been part of the epic second track and the album's first single, Welcome To The Fold. This seven and a half minute song had to be cut down to just over four minutes for its radio edit, which really takes away from the hills and valleys of the track, showcasing lead singer Richard Patrick's trademark screams along with an infectious riff. That same energy is carried on to the next two tracks, Captain Bligh and It's Gonna Kill Me as well as later on with I Will Lead You and Skinny. Patrick makes use of his newly refined singing ability since the first album on their smash hit Take A Picture and the somber closers I'm Not The Only One and Miss Blue, and uses heavy techno vibe on third single The Best Things as well as brooding bass on Cancer. This powerful and timeless album is a must-have for any fan of Alternative Rock in general.