Hybrid Theory mp3 Album by Linkin Park
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:51


2.One Step Closer2:36
3.With You3:23
4.Points Of Authority3:20
7.By Myself3:10
8.In The End3:36
9.A Place For My Head3:05
11.Cure For The Itch2:37
12.Pushing Me Away3:12
This album is a true rock classic. As soon as the guitars start riffing in track 1, it takes me back to my high school days and the auditory sanctuary that made dealing with it all worthwhile. This album has all the ingenuity of the "Hybrid Theory EP" released while the band was still calling themselves Hybrid Theory, but with more cohesion and organization, like a well-oiled machine. I think the band truly started to refine and utilize their true potential with this album. I don't have room to give a thorough track-by track, so I'll stick to the most memorable and life-changing songs for me.

"Papercut," as I mentioned above, was a very strong and memorable start for this body-of-works. It wasn't the one that got them the most media attention (that would probably have either been "One Step Closer" or "In the End,") but it set the tone and direction in a way that let you know you'd be hearing some very sturdy, organized, precise and yet raw, heavy and visceral material for the next 30-40 minutes. My favorite part of this track is the bridge, where the guitars get the most heavy and the melody flies its highest.

I think "With You" is one of the more often-overlooked tracks on this album. Its true value is in the desolate, weathered and frayed head-space it conveys, sonically. They really paint a picture with the music. The guitars remind me of the movement of assembly-line machines (sort of an industrial influence) while the record-scribbling (or at least I think that's what that is) gives more character with its rich complexity and warped, psychotic leading-tone. Then the verses are pretty bare with mostly just pounding drums and faint synth behind Mike Shinoda's vocals.

"By Myself" is another one full of questions and self-doubt. It's about weighing the value of inclusion with untrustworthy peers (and suffering the consequences of trusting them) against that of being alone, free from back-stabbing, but still lonely. The best part of this for me was the guitars which alternate quickly between heavy, bassy pounding and sharp, treble-rich cutting sounds.

"In the End" is about giving up on a doomed relationship, and the realization that you've become a totally different and unrecognizable self since you were involved with that person. The thing that stands out most about this song to me is in the intro. It sounds like drums, but it technically isn't. I think they recorded drum sounds with the gain on the microphones up so high that it caused distortion, and then separated-out the drum sounds and programmed the different pitches of leftover distortion into a little machine that could play each one back at the push of a button. I've seen videos of Hahn playing a little keyboard configured like an early, non-qwerty phone pad to get these sounds. Genius!

"Forgotten" is one of the first times I've truly head L/P's urban influences expressed tonally (referring to the verses) which feel very "dirty-back-alley-at-night," and then lyrics like "incense dripping, acidic questions... looking through the rust and rotten dust..." it makes me think of broke-down urban neighbourhoods, hardly ritzy, but where you can clearly feel the strength of culture through the apparent decay. This can be heard more thoroughly in "Cure for the Itch," especially after the words "let's try something else." It's like a night of pouring rain spent huddled under a metallic shelter of some kind, someplace predominantly Asian (the specific culture of which would make sense, since Wikipedia describes Hahn as "a second-generation Korean-American.")

Overall I give this a (rare) 5 stars. It's an ethnically and culturally rich and diverse soundscape, giving voice to some truly heartfelt and life-changing passion. These words became a voice for a voiceless, disenfranchised contingent of a generation, many of whom desperately needed to hear words they felt from other people.
This album might be almost 15 years old, but it never loses it's novelty. I went to a Linkin Park concert a few weeks ago and all of these songs still sounded exactly like the album. It is one of the few albums I still keep in my car because it is something that can be put on constant repeat without getting annoying. Since there's a little bit of a few different types of music, anyone can enjoy this album.
This album is amazing. I love almost every single song on here and I find that this is one of those albums where you can listen to the full thing and not get tired of it.This album sold 10 million albums in the US and it was ranked number 2 in the bilboard 200 in the year of 2000 and I say it deserves that spot. This album is so awesome! This album had four singles and those singles were "One Step Closer","Papercut","Crawling",(Which was a gramy award winner),And also "In The End".Great songs.In 2002 It was nominated for the best rock album.I like the album artwork.The album artwork shows a soldier with dragonfly wings as to describe the mixing of hard and soft music elements by the use of the looks on the soldier and the wings.The art also shows scribbled lyrics from songs that are on the album. Just thought I would mention some things like that in this review. Just to say. I love this album and this is one of my favorites by Linkin Park. Great band.Great album. FIVE Stars from me!
Johnny Golden
Linkin Park, raw, emotional and not be labelled. This album has a little bit of Rap, Rock, Grunge and even punk. The CD speaks for itself as each track generates a different feeling and emotion, but the non-mainstreams songs are what carried this album.

One example is, track #4 Points of Authority... By far my favorite track on the CD. Unlike ")ne Step Closer" or "In the End," which spent tons of time on the radio.. This song's lyrics are fabulous and the opening verse is completely original.

The other example is, "By Myself," in this song, Mike, "the rapper" takes the forefront on this track with some great verses, while progressively getting better over the course of the track. Chester, the lyricist, really knows what he's doing here. He holds the melody together through the mid-loud parts and joins the noise of the guitars through the intense acoustic of guitar/bass solos with a tortured scream. This album is raw and real and its in your face. Great debut by the Aguara Hills, CA band.
Possibly Linkin Park's greatest album ever. Every single song on this album is unique and carries a separate feeling. From One Step Closer to Runaway, from By Myself to Pushing Me Away. Every song has everything a rock/hip-hop listener would need. The sound, in it's day, was revolutionary. A screamer and a rapper working together? In today's world, that still has not been done. The personal favorite, and best song Linkin Park has ever produced, is In The End. It is the perfect blend of rock and hip-hop, and the sound will have you coming back for more year after year. Hybrid Theory is the basis for Linkin Park's sound. This is when they were at their greatest. Definitely check out this entire album, and then the rest of Linkin Park.
New Metal. New Metal. New Metal. New Metal. As well as with these two words things become seldom better if one repeats them monotonously. And as so often if a new genre is opened by resourceful marketing heads for itself it is not missing that always new tape are got by the street (*knick crack *) to send them on the moderately well-earned path of the quick fame. One makes up itself as if 365 days in the year were a carnival, the other carries just only black, again another shines by tattoos – sound they surely touch. But not Linkin park. Well - which look Jungs in such a way as one expects it from such a tape.

The ex-long-haired which had then a bald head and do not know now what they should make with the funky short hair hairstyle except colour. Okay – they also move in her videos as if they had considerable back discomfort, but it is still with priority about the music, and here Linkin park know how to be convincing. Two different song voices and a fresh guitar sound provide primarily for the fact that five Yanks decided between catchy melody and hard reef oscillate. The Songwriting ignores the competition laxly, and particularly songs like “One tap dance Closer” or “in The” can arouse enthusiasm.“ Hybrid Theory” is consistent as an album - this seem good the tracks as unique pieces - and walk properly to be bought. Thirty DM for the New Metal industry? Are worthwhile. But maybe you can exchange the disc with your record dealer of the trust also for the last dad Roach and Limp Bizkit albums. Good exchange even.
V. Rachal
Awesome debut album. Every song is worth listening to and I rarely have to skip over songs when I listen, unless I'm in the mood for a very specific song.
Hybrid Theory is a good blend of rock and rap. I love how Chester, the lead singer, looks so innocent but he has a very powerful voice which can be low and sandpapery or very smooth depending on the song.
My favorite songs are Point of Authority, Crawling, With You, In the End, Papercut, and Pushing Me Away (I love it when Chester sings 'sweetly').