Short Bus mp3 Album by Filter
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:03


1.Hey Man Nice Shot5:14
5.Take Another4:23
6.Stuck In Here3:35
7.It'S Over3:37
9.White Like That4:17
10.Consider This4:19
11.So Cool4:26
Stu Kendrick
If you like raw, lo-fi, post-intustrial rock, Filter's debut album Short Bus is a must-have. I'd have given this 4 1/2 stars if the rating system worked that way. The first track, Hey Man Nice Shot is a 90s alternative rock staple, with the religion-bashing noise-fest Dose following up. While the whole album is decent from start to finish, there are a couple tracks like Spent and Gerbil that may seem like filler, but they're easily forgivable. Ex Nine Inch Nails guitarist Richard Patrick's gut wrenching screams and heavy guitar riffs are really showcased in Under and White Like That, and industrial meets grunge on the tracks Take Another and Consider This. Acoustic palette cleansers Stuck In Here and closer So Cool are placed right where they need to be to round out one of Filter's best albums and a great 90s rock album in general.