Torches mp3 Album by Foster The People
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:37


1.Helena Beat4:36
2.Pumped Up Kicks4:00
3.Call It What You Want4:01
4.Color On The Walls (Don't Stop)2:56
6.I Would Do Anything For You3:35
8.Life On The Nickel3:36
9.Miss You3:36
12.Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero3:25
Rene Seibert
Okay , I have to be honest, I had kind of a hard time wraping my mind around this. I can not in good faith and form recommend this to anyone! Trac 1 "Helena beat" reminded me of some jamacan island beat without the Pina Colada!Trac 2 "pumped up kids" this is one for tyhed dance clubs! definately a beat you can move and groove to.Trac 3"call it what you want " call it what you want , what I call it is not my preference.Trac 4 "color on the walls" if I was going to like any of theese bsongs this would be the one!Mello tempo with easy to understand lyrics!Trac 5 "waste"was I have to say a wastre of my time because this techno punk stuff really is not my style!Trac 10 "Warrant " was again a very harsh heavy sounding beat with not many words!Final thought, Trac 11 "Chin music for the unsuspecting hero????" Questioning this big time. Did noty get it !ONE LOVE Red Rene
Gavin G
Awesome, incredible album. Best album of 2011 even, HIGHLY recommended!