Traffic Shaping mp3 Album by Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:18:00


Disk #1

1.Had To Cry Today8:12
2.Low Down4:26
3.Forever Man3:55
4.Them Changes5:22
5.Sleeping In The Ground4:51
6.Presence Of The Lord5:35
8.Well Alright5:53
9.Double Trouble8:28
10.Pearly Queen6:12
11.Tell The Truth6:52
12.No Face, No Name, No Number4:26

Disk #2

1.After Midnight4:47
2.Split Decision6:39
3.Ramblin On My Mind (Ec Solo Acoustic)5:37
4.Georgia On My Mind (Sw Solo Hammond)5:09
5.Little Wing6:47
6.Voodoo Chile16:54
7.Can't Find My Way Home5:43
9.Dear Mr Fantasy8:48
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood got together in the late 60's to form, along with drummer Ginger Baker and Rich Grech, one of the great one-off bands of all time, Blind Faith. Their album had just six songs, but left a big mark on the music scene. This was one of the first real supergroups, combining stars of the bands Cream and Traffic, and it spawned a wave of blues-rock. They made enough of an impression to get calls for a reunion more than 40 years later, and to sell out several sites when they did.

Six songs isn't really enough for a two hour concert, so in addition to Blind Faith classics "Presence of the Lord", "Well Alright" and "Can't Find My Way Home", they drew from their own catalogs, including songs by Cream and Traffic. The first question to ask if can they still do it after all this time? The answer is a resounding yes. Clapton's guitar is as lovely as always, and Winwood's voice is amazing for his age. There is no faulting the performance of either man here, they are still the best in the world.

The one thing that can be faulted is the sound quality. This set sounds like it was recorded in a different room. With the current technology, it's a bit shocking that they would not be able to get a better recording, especially considering the rarity of this pairing. It almost sounds like an audience member plugged into the soundboard. This is the only place I can complain, though. The performance is above my wildest expectations, the sound is good enough to get some enjoyment from, this set really gives you an appreciation for these two, what they have done for music, and what they can still do. Minus one star for the sound guy, but four strong stars for everything else.