Triple Threat mp3 Single by Missy Elliott Feat. Timbaland
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1.Triple Threat3:42

Also by Missy Elliott Feat. Timbaland

Short 40
Missy is back with a new single! Since Timbaland and Missy hit the production scene producing music for Aaliyah (One in a Million), they've been producing platinum hits ever since; and let's not forget other artists that they've produced for such as Brandy, Justin Timberlake, Monica, Nelly Furtado and Ginuwine to name a few! I can't wait for Missy to release another studio album because people need to know what real hip hop should sound like:let's not forget about All in my Grill, Hot Boyz, Get Ur Freak On, Work it, Wake Up and Ups Jump The Boogie! Come on Missy, show Nicki Minaj how it's really done!