Trojan: Jamaican Superstars Box Set mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trojan: Jamaican Superstars Box Setby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:14


Disk #1

1.Loving Pauperby Gregory Isaacs3:46
2.My Timeby Gregory Isaacs4:05
3.Don't Goby Gregory Isaacs2:54
4.Coming Homeby Gregory Isaacs2:40
5.Promised Landby Gregory Isaacs2:53
6.Give A Handby Gregory Isaacs2:59
7.Love Is Overdueby Gregory Isaacs2:30
8.Way Of Lifeby Gregory Isaacs2:26
9.Lonely Manby Gregory Isaacs2:58
10.Cool Operatorby Delroy Wilson1:56
11.Rascal Manby Delroy Wilson3:31
12.Better Must Comeby Delroy Wilson2:44
13.Baby I Need Your Lovingby Delroy Wilson2:34
14.Pretty Girlby Delroy Wilson2:39
15.My Baby Is Goneby Delroy Wilson2:40
16.Living In The Footstepsby Delroy Wilson3:11
17.It's A Shameby Delroy Wilson2:27

Disk #2

1.Soul Grooverby Alton Ellis2:09
2.Big Bad Boyby Alton Ellis2:27
3.You've Made Me So Very Happyby Alton Ellis2:56
4.Lord Deliver Usby Alton Ellis3:03
5.Give Me Your Loveby Alton Ellis1:53
6.Trulyby Alton Ellis3:27
7.What Does It Take To Win Your Loveby Alton Ellis3:18
8.I Am Still In Love With Youby Alton Ellis4:28
9.Soulful Loveby Pat Kelly3:24
10.How Long Will It Takeby Pat Kelly3:10
11.Talk About Loveby Pat Kelly2:43
12.The Prophetby Pat Kelly3:05
13.Lonely Manby Pat Kelly3:12
14.I Wish It Would Rainby Pat Kelly2:49
15.He Ain't Heavyby Pat Kelly2:44
16.Best Time Of My Lifeby Pat Kelly2:53

Disk #3

1.After Allby John Holt2:58
2.Keep It Upby John Holt2:36
3.Let's Get It While It's Hotby John Holt3:26
4.Stick By Meby John Holt3:16
5.Ghetto Girlby John Holt2:54
6.My Satisfactionby John Holt2:20
7.Up Park Campby John Holt3:11
8.You Babyby John Holt3:19
9.Tracks Of Lifeby Dennis Brown3:31
10.Blood Sonby Dennis Brown3:21
11.Moving Awayby Dennis Brown2:41
12.It's Too Lateby Dennis Brown3:12
13.Cassandraby Dennis Brown3:01
14.Some Like It Hotby Dennis Brown3:01
15.Westbound Trainby Dennis Brown3:03
16.I Am The Conquerorby Dennis Brown2:13
17.Musical Heatwaveby Dennis Brown2:37

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