Two For The Show (30th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Live by Kansas

Two For The Show (30th Anniversary Edition)by Kansas

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:28


Disk #1

1.Song for America7:29
2.Point of Know Return3:07
4.Icarus / Borne on the Wings of Steel5:58
5.Portrait (He Knew)5:19
6.Carry On Wayward Son4:38
7.Journey From Mariabronn8:55
8.Dust in the Wind6:19
9.Lonely Wind4:30
10.Mysteries and Mayhem4:01
11.Excerpt From Lamplight Symphony2:38
12.The Wall4:57
13.Magnum Opus11:17

Disk #2

1.Hopelessly Human8:43
2.Child of Innocence7:48
4.Cheyenne Anthem6:55
5.Lonely Street8:21
6.Miracles Out of Nowhere8:00
7.The Spider7:41
8.Closet Chronicles6:56
9.Down the Road3:45
10.Sparks of the Tempest5:20
11.Bringing It Back7:07