Underworld (Score) mp3 Soundtrack by Paul Haslinger
  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:22


1.Introductionby Paul Haslinger0:53
2.The End Of An Era (Opening)by Paul Haslinger1:32
3.Deathdealers Deployby Paul Haslinger2:17
4.Darkness Deep Withinby Paul Haslinger1:20
5.Transformationby Paul Haslinger1:28
6.Red Tape - Agent Provocateurby Paul Haslinger4:57
7.Suspended Memoriesby Paul Haslinger2:00
8.The Cryptby Paul Haslinger0:57
9.Bloodlinesby Paul Haslinger5:12
10.Metamorphosisby Paul Haslinger2:25
11.The End Of An Era (Reprise)by Paul Haslinger2:34
12.Anger And Retributionby Paul Haslinger3:49
13.Corvinusby Paul Haslinger3:53
14.Subterraniaby Paul Haslinger0:59
15.Fire Falling From The Skyby Paul Haslinger2:56
16.Miserereby Paul Haslinger2:50
17.The Last Standby Paul Haslinger2:34
18.Eternity And A Dayby Paul Haslinger4:08
19.Keep Watch Over The Night (Bonus Track)by Paul Haslinger5:38

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