¡Uno! mp3 Album by Green Day
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:50


1.Nuclear Family3:03
2.Stay the Night4:37
3.Carpe Diem3:26
4.Let Yourself Go2:57
5.Kill the DJ3:42
6.Fell for You3:09
7.Loss of Control3:08
9.Angel Blue2:47
10.Sweet 163:04
11.Rusty James4:09
12.Oh Love5:03
Max B
Overall, a decent album, but hardly anything new. Green Day are returning with a hat trick in 2012, starting with ¡Uno! The album is very easy to listen to, and a few songs stick out as being particularly good - "Kill The DJ" is an upbeat, catchy pop-rock and "Let Yourself Go" is a decent punk rock song reminiscent of the 90's. The problem is that Green Day are not trying anything new - all the songs on ¡Uno! can be associated with a previous success of theirs which has just been rehashed to cash in a little more. At least it will extend their listenability though. In conclusion, if you don't mind the small price tag on mp3caprice, buy it, you won't be too disappointed, but you won't be amazed either.