Unorthodox Jukebox mp3 Album by Bruno Mars

Unorthodox Jukeboxby Bruno Mars

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 34:59


1.Young Girls3:49
2.Locked Out of Heaven3:54
6.When I Was Your Man3:34
8.Show Me3:28
9.Money Make Her Smile3:24
10.If I Knew2:13
An extremely talented artist and performer, Bruno Mars has created a diverse and exciting album. Each song stands on its own as a hit, but together, the album is perfect.
I can't do anything but applause Bruno Mars. This album and his music is truely great. Buy it. It's worth it.
This is such a good albumn!! Bruno mars is back again and as popular as ever!! If you've ever liked his previous music such as beautiful girls that he wrote wit B.O.B then this is a must have with so e awesome songs and top hits. locked out of heaven did very well in the UK charts and so is a favorite on this albumn but there are many songs and they are all brilliant in my opinion.. It is said he wanted to write faster songs like these so girls would be able to dance to them properly!! He has definitely done a good job as these songs are catchy and really make you want to get up and dance!! I hope you enjoy this albumn as much as I have! Happy listening folks :) this is a great choice!! :) thank you Bruno Mars
40 and Short
Who likes Bruno Mars?...Well I certainly do! This cat is very versatile in his style of music; ever since B.O.B.s Beautiful Girls, I've been hooked on this man's raspy-sounding voice, and my favorite songs made by him are, It Will Rain and Locked Out of Heaven, which I can blast all day, but back to the review, the way he has taken R&B, Doo-Wop, Pop,Rock and have infused these genres together to make his albums is beyond classic-it's pure genius. Music has become so repetitous with every other artist in the industry turning to pop-dance foundations, it's a breath of fresh air to hear an artist step aside with something a little different than what we're used to.
Truly a great album,lots of talent should of been a nominee for last years grammies but will definitely make news,major hits on this album by a great artist BRUNO MARS
I found this album very interesting.. Bruno Mars has a "pseudo-retro" sound to him. "Locked Out Of Heaven" sounds like the 80's group The Police and "If I Knew" sounds like it came straight out of the 50's.. Bruno seems very versatile.