Untouchables mp3 Album by Korn
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:42


1.Here To Stay4:31
2.Make Believe4:37
4.Hollow Life4:09
5.Bottled Up Inside4:00
8.One More Time4:39
9.Alone I Break4:17
11.Beat It Upright4:16
12.Wake Up Hate3:13
13.I'm Hiding3:57
14.No One's There5:01
I listen to a lot of different bands and I end up saying that there my favorite then this one is my favorite then that one is and so on and so forth,however,in the end,it all comes back to Korn being the main number one favorite. I am a die hard korn fan I guess like they say. I love everything they make.I understand the reasons behind the songs and lyrical themes. Some parts I can't listen to in certain songs but a large majority of the songs and albums I love. This album is my second favorite album after issues.I see similarities in song topics as Issues and feel they go together in a way but this one is more upbeat and heavy hard sounding at the same time I say than the melodic depressing sound that issues held. This band saved my life though by helping me cope with many past and still on-going lonely,depressed, and any other emotion filled days and nights. I love this whole album, but Alone I Break,even though it's depressing,and Hating really stick out to me. I love hating the most on here. This is the best band ever in my opinion.Long time korn fan and will stay that way. Three years and still going. Perfect band and perfect album. There best work here.Five stars
WOW! I just can't believe how good this album is. I have been a KoRn fan for almost two years and I am just now checking this album out?! Well all I have to say is that I wish that this was the first album that I have checked out because it is just,amazing! I really really love it. ALL of these songs are great to me I just can't pick a favorite song on this album that's how great it is. Listening to these songs get's me pumps up with good feelings and it's just heavy. These songs on here are some of KoRns best work in my opinion. I am always going to be a KoRn fan. Forever! I love almost all of there albums. They put out some amazing stuff that I can just listen to over and over again. I can't say enough how much I love this band and how great there work is. I can't pick a favorite song on here,but the songs I actually do find myself listening to more than the others are "No One's There","Here To Stay","Embrace",and others. The only song on here that doesn't pump me up is "Alone I Break". That song is just to listen to when I am feeling really depressed or really down.Which isn't a lot of times so I don't listen to that song very much.This is my favorite Korn album! So I will give it FIVE STARS!!! This is one of the best bands out there in my opinion. They are amazing!
Sad to say that I wasn't very happy when I heard this album. There are some good songs on here yeah but I can't listen to them after I hear the song "Thoughtless". That song has some really bad lyrics.I don't check out albums by bands in order. I should have though. i don't think I can listen to Korn after hearing this album with the song "Thoughtless" and Life Is Peachy with the song "Kill You". This band has some good songs though I will say but also some songs with really REALLY disturbing lyrics that I Will not be able to listen to.I would give it zero stars but I can't. Zero stars for having a song added to a list of songs I can't listen to.