Valleys Of Neptune mp3 Album by Jimi Hendrix

Valleys Of Neptuneby Jimi Hendrix

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:38


1.Stone Free3:45
2.Valleys Of Neptune4:02
3.Bleeding Heart6:21
4.Hear My Train A Comin'7:30
5.Mr. Bad Luck2:56
6.Sunshine Of Your Love6:45
7.Lover Man4:16
8.Ships Passing Through The Night5:50
10.Red House8:21
11.Lullaby For The Summer3:47
12.Crying Blue Rain4:55
"Valleys Of to Neptune“ should be completely different. There have originated twelve songs of this CD about one and a half years before Jimi Hendrix´ death. On the album cover songs like "Sunshine Of Your Love" are to be found by Cream or "Bleeding Heart" (James Elmore), as well as own compositions of the Frickelkönigs. ("Ships Passing Through The Nights", "Hear My Train A Comin"). Even if to itself between master Hendrix and my generation already thus some lemming families have the cliff runtergestützt, it gives big pleasure to listen in to the impetuous songs. A big word is "timeless, however, one must be no music guru to recognise the qualities of this man. This also still claps 40 years later.

One misses the big songs of course on such an extraction, because not free of charge it was for years "previously unreleased", however, for all fans it is with certainty a cosy jewel that Sony there put out has. And for everybody which have heard the name Hendrix today for the first time: Hears sometimes purely, because at that time the artists were still real and did not have to become from some Vollasis gecastet.

Result: Nice trip in the past.