Wasps' Nests mp3 Album by The 6ths

Wasps' Nestsby The 6ths

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:24


1.San Diego Zoo (feat. Barbara Manning)3:22
2.Aging Spinsters (feat. Stephin Merritt)2:20
3.All Dressed Up in Dreams (feat. Mary Timony)2:55
4.Falling Out of Love (With You) (feat. Dean Wareham)2:55
5.Winter in July (feat. Ayako Akashiba)2:32
6.Pillow Fight (feat. Mitch Easter)2:34
7.Dream Hat (feat. Mac McCaughan)2:28
8.Movies in My Head (feat. Georgia Hubley)4:18
9.In the City in the Rain (feat. Lou Barlow)3:43
10.Looking for Love (In the Hall of Mirrors) (feat. Amelia Fletcher)2:43
11.Heaven in a Black Leather Jacket (feat. Robert Scott)2:46
12.Here in My Heart (feat. Anna Domino)3:30
13.Puerto Rico Way (feat. Mark Robinson)3:28
14.You Can't Break a Broken Heart (feat. Jeffrey Underhill)3:16
15.When I'm Out of Town (feat. Chris Knox)2:34

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