Waves: Balancing Chillout Tunes, Vol. 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Waves: Balancing Chillout Tunes, Vol. 4by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:48:41


1.Caminoby David Garcia7:54
2.Old Soulby Samadi Tunes5:29
3.Mystic Adventuresby Sunyata Project3:17
4.Lao-Tzus Dreamby Masan & Zen K3:59
5.Lonely Danceby Christos Fourkis4:01
6.Look to the Skyby Michael E6:23
7.Favorite Girlby CJ NiksoN4:15
8.Around the Worldby Sofa Surfers3:06
9.Sweet Summer (Emotional Mix)by Sweet Chill5:14
10.Lioby Jason Davis2:42
11.I Want to Live with You (Chilling Mix)by Bob De Wit5:16
12.Mad Aboutby Ralf Harris3:36
13.In the Hotel (Lounge Lovers Mix)by Frank Flower5:29
14.Spring Is Coming (The Jazzers Mix)by Chill Delight5:21
15.I Like It (The Queen Mix)by Alexander Diamond5:27
16.Juggler (New Style Mix)by System Lounge3:44
17.Dubai Sun (7th Star Mix)by Breakfast Trim3:22
18.Black Horseby Backroom Barn3:05
19.Open the Windowby Loan of Unfinished3:16
20.Deep Relax (Chillin' Groove Mix)by Jack Izzard2:59
21.Keep Control (New Fragrance Mix)by Eight Talking3:23
22.Red Appleby Jason Cabrera3:07
23.After Sun (Sunwaves Mix)by Glaze Peanut3:06
24.Again and Again (Master of Lounge Mix)by Blueisland5:41
25.Reloaded (Lounge Mix)by Anthony French5:29