Wiretap Scars mp3 Album by Sparta

Wiretap Scarsby Sparta

  • 12 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 47:44


1.Cut Your Ribbon3:05
5.Sans Cosm4:00
6.Light Burns Clear4:24
8.Red Alibi3:43
9.Rx Coup3:15
10.Glasshouse Tarot5:13
11.Echodyne Harmonic3:57
12.Assemble The Empire3:02
Comparable Radiohead, At the Drive-in and later Thrice- Sparta was very much ahead of their time. Add this to your mp3 mix, and they make a great addition to current hits. Sparta's first record, after the split from At the Drive-In, has that cool punchy post-punk sound with a lot of texture. A texture including delay heavy and weaving guitars with counter melodies as well as elements of progressive rock. Parts of which induces a very Pink Floyd-esque dreamy feel. Jim Ward has a very unique voice, that spans from melodic to aggressive/forced. What I like about it, being a fan of the aforementioned bands, is that it's like At the Drive-In meets Radiohead. If you listen to this record, you will find that there is a ton of different sounds going on at the same time. Just panning left to right you will notice two guitar players, playing very different pieces. This is definitely a really cool record. It comes highly suggested from me. I really feel like it's one of those bands a lot of people missed, and maybe hear a song or two here and there, and wonder who they are.