The archive doesn't unzip

If your archive doesn't unzip, please check the following issues:

  • The problem might have occurred during the download process, due to some connection issues. In this case, we advise re-downloading. Re-downloading is absolutely free, once you have purchased the music.
  • If this still doesn't work, please make sure your file archiver has all the necessary updates installed or try using a different one
  • If that doesn't help, the problem might have occurred because of incompatibility with certain symbols in the name of the file. This is usually an OS or a file archiver issue.

You can rename the archive (e.g. "" into ""). Then try again.

If you have problems while downloading archives, you can also try downloading track by track. It should definitely work.

If none of the advice work, please send us a damaged file notice and we will run it for errors.

I have some other issue