19 mp3 Album by Adele
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:40


2.Best For Last4:19
3.Chasing Pavements3:31
4.Cold Shoulder3:12
5.Crazy For You3:28
6.Melt My Heart To Stone3:24
7.First Love3:10
8.Right As Rain3:17
9.Make You Feel My Love3:32
10.My Same3:16
12.Hometown Glory4:31
Nice to listen to! Because of the immense popularity, I've been waiting for a long time to listen to this singer (do not know what that is, popularity for me is often a snap, because the mass is generally not so good). Adele is a school example of an artist who has come without showing her tits. That can just be done.

Good! The whole album has a calm atmosphere. Adele's voice has a sharp edge, but the sound is very good!

Of course, I knew of "Daydreamer", we have been killed more or less in recent years. I found the other songs surprisingly, with a lot of variety.
"Cold Shoulder", "Melt My Heart to Stone", terribly beautifully sung! "Make You Feel My Love" is a Dylan cover, but that does not matter. What an execution! Oh, actually, the level of music across the entire CD is quite right.