Hello mp3 Single by Adele

Helloby Adele

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The main problem with this song is probably Adele.

I am aware that this may be the world's most unpopular opinion, but I can't shake the feeling that - although she has written a very decent song in "Hello" - her voice simply does not do it justice. Granted, I have not been overly impressed with her previous hits. The key reason for this review, and the fairly high rating, is that I honestly think this is a great track. Adele's vocals may not be the best on the planet (I know, who do I think I am, right?) but she does give a suitably emotional performance in this melancholic song.

Worth buying. Try to make it through the draggy start and you will be rewarded with a genuinely moving chorus.
After listening to this song multiple times and talking to others about the song, I've heard a mixed combination of reviews from people. Some think it is her best work to date, others think that is a step in the wrong direction. I'm on the side that feels like this is a solid song. Personally, I think she set the bar so high with "Skyfall", that there is just a natural pressure to do even better with new music. But I think if you look at this song by itself, without comparing it to her previous work, you will find that Adele has released yet another fantastic song.

Some have said that lyrically, it is too simple, and while I don't think it is the most cleverly written lyrical masterpiece ever, I think it does stand on its own feet as a song. The truth is, Adele could sing the alphabet, and it would be a number one single, her talent is just that good.

The song itself appears to be about a former love that she hurt through foolish behavior and mistakes that she made, and this song is a cry to that lover that she has grown and realized her mistakes, and that she is sorry for the hurt that she caused him. "Hello" doesn't come across to me as a reunion song, but rather a song where Adele is just putting it out that she is sorry for what she did to this man that she was in a relationship with.

Overall, I think this is a great song, and I am interested to hear the rest of Adele's new music, and the direction she takes. Adele will always be a talented singer, and this is a beautiful, albeit somewhat sad, song that you'll find yourself humming or singing throughout your day. Pick it up!