A Light That Never Comes mp3 Single by Linkin Park

A Light That Never Comesby Linkin Park

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1.A Light That Never Comes (feat. Steve Aoki)3:55
I was introduced to Linkin Park many years ago by a German Foreign Exchange student. I later introduced my teenage daughter to them and she absolutely loves them. She has all there albums! When she heard this single, she just had to have it!!
"A Light That Never Comes" is the lead single taken from the album of Linkin Park, "Recharged". The album will feature remixed versions of the songs included in "Living Things". "A Light That Never Comes" was born after an exchange of words and emails between Mike Shinoda and Steve Aoki, one of the masters of the international electro house. Over of a few months they were able to blend the essential elements of rock and dance, creating a song that captures from the first listen, with its growing energy coupled to the unmistakable sound of Linkin Park. The American band is not new to fusion experiments with other genres, just think of "Numb / Encore" in 2004, produced and sung together with the rapper Jay-Z.