A State of Sugar: Bubblegum mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Sugar: Bubblegumby Various Artists

  • 49 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:39:34


1.Let's Go For A Walkby RoomVR7:18
2.Heartby Suskii4:15
3.Bottle Popby Dreamer3:09
4.Directionsby Jalmaan3:47
5.Henceforth Mine & A Million Times Yoursby Viricide Filly5:08
6.Bubblegum (with Nevermourn, Jalmaan, Greyfade, Heartsong, Cynifree, IPon3, Periwinkle)by Violin Melody5:47
7.Space Alligatorsby Dreamer2:38
8.Cerulean (and TCB)by Paloris3:55
9.WAYMENT!by Jackie Lombardi3:57
10.Aetherby Vegá3:09
11.Cavorting The Castleby Heartsong4:20
12.Hot Stuffby Light Assassin4:48
13.Aviaryby Periwinkle3:12
14.New Friends (with Periwinkle, Acarcion & Nevermourn)by Dreamer3:37
15.Only One (R3CTIFIER Remix)by TCB4:11
16.Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix)by Iblank2apples4:18
17.New Generationby Metapony4:15
18.From The Sunby Inkwel2:07
19.Night Time Lullabies (and Paloris)by Nevermourn4:15
20.It's Okby Single Purpose4:32
21.White Roseby Violin Melody3:00
22.Alone (and DreamTech feat. Haymaker)by Brohoof Studios5:08
23.The Pursuit Of Fortitudeby Mufaya7:12
24.Thinking Out Loud (SKUNKED Remix)by Whirly Tail3:57
25.Catalystby Cynifree5:17
26.Little Journeyby Eksoka6:38
27.Maretropolisby Erokawa Spectrum4:22
28.Soundtrack Of My Lifeby Takaki2:48
29.Depths (Greyfade Remix)by Periwinkle5:08
30.Ascendingby Fractilx6:28
31.Reignfallby CRUVOD3:47
32.Dimensions (feat. Lorris)by Budzy3:30
33.Sweet & Sourby BlackIceMusic2:52
34.Cold Iced Mintsby VecodeX4:01
35.Ujasiri (and Greyfade)by MrMehster4:30
36.Luna De Los Instrumentos (Album Version)by F 1091:49
37.HOPSKIPJUMPby Brohoof Studios3:27
38.Psychic Princessby Fractilx6:02
39.Stand As Oneby BassPon33:47
40.Some Title Nopony Cares Aboutby Light Assassin6:21
41.Carnivorous Lust Queenby Zizkil3:04
42.The Only (and Aydrayythebeast)by MC-Arch2:28
43.LIVING FΔNGSby UndreamedPanic4:31
44.Lunar Republicby MEQA4:40
45.Tyrantby FilledSilhoutte4:10
46.A Love Songby Lunar Drift7:08
47.Intermission (Album Version)by Jupiter Maroon6:34
48.Luna De Los Instrumentos (Original Version)by F 1093:20
49.Intermission (Original Version)by Jupiter Maroon10:57