Alice Through the Looking Glass mp3 Soundtrack by Danny Elfman

Alice Through the Looking Glassby Danny Elfman

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:47


1.Aliceby Danny Elfman6:36
2.Saving the Shipby Danny Elfman3:41
3.Watching Timeby Danny Elfman5:11
4.Looking Glassby Danny Elfman3:30
5.To the Rescueby Danny Elfman0:56
6.Hatter Houseby Danny Elfman3:47
7.The Red Queenby Danny Elfman2:29
8.The Chronosphereby Danny Elfman4:16
9.Warning Hightoppsby Danny Elfman2:24
10.Tea Time Foreverby Danny Elfman1:45
11.Oceans of Timeby Danny Elfman1:16
12.Hat Heartbreakby Danny Elfman2:28
13.Asylum Escapeby Danny Elfman4:07
14.Hatter's Deathbedby Danny Elfman3:22
15.Finding the Familyby Danny Elfman2:05
16.Time Is Upby Danny Elfman4:24
17.World's Endby Danny Elfman1:51
18.Truthby Danny Elfman4:10
19.Goodbye Aliceby Danny Elfman2:13
20.Kingsleigh & Kingsleighby Danny Elfman1:20
21.Seconds Songby Danny Elfman0:12
22.Friends Unitedby Danny Elfman1:07
23.Time's Castleby Danny Elfman1:49
24.The Secondsby Danny Elfman0:50
25.Clock Shopby Danny Elfman1:55
26.They're Aliveby Danny Elfman2:24
27.Story of Timeby Danny Elfman3:04
28.Just Like Fire [P!nk]by Danny Elfman3:35