Alive! mp3 Live by KISS
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:01


Disk #1

3.Got To Choose3:41
4.Hotter Than Hell3:30
6.Nothin' To Lose3:33
7.C'Mon And Love Me3:04

Disk #2

1.Watchin' You3:48
2.100,000 Years12:11
3.Black Diamond6:15
4.Rock Bottom3:21
5.Cold Gin7:16
6.Rock And Roll All Nite3:59
7.Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll5:46
Shawn Davis
Kiss Alive. A bold, groundbreaking achievement. Kiss had cranked out three albums in record time, were a touring machine and had energy to burn. Their struggling record label, Casablanca wanted more so they decided to do not just a live album, but a double live album. It got peoples attention, and went gold very quickly. The album, in fact reached 9 in the Billboard charts and had three top 20 singles. This was hands down an amazing piece for the time and it still rocks today. The sound quality is nowhere near what one might expect currently but the band claims there were few overdubs so it faithfully represents the sound of Kiss live at the time. The song selection represents quite well their catalog up to the time (late 1975) containing sixteen of their “greatest hits”, many of which are still performed live by the band 35 years later. If you were a kid in the mid-seventies grab this for the nostalgia, if you haven't heard it before, well, settle in for “the hottest band in the world.....KISS.
Just bought this download. Sound quality is A+. You get a good feel for the concert which i have been to! If you can't make it to the concert then this is def. the next best thing. If you type in best live concerts of all time, this concert is on 90% of all the lists, that is why i downloaded it. One thing you will notice is the true lack of singing talent.......Opinion of course!........ but they are truly known for their show lets not get it mistaken. For the feel of the cd i give it 4 stars!