All This Useless Beauty (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

All This Useless Beauty (Re-Issue)by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:56:31


Disk #1

1.The Other End of the Telescope4:08
2.Little Atoms3:59
3.All This Useless Beauty4:40
4.Complicated Shadows4:44
5.Why Can't a Man Stand Alone?3:16
6.Distorted Angel4:35
7.Shallow Grave2:04
8.Poor Fractured Atlas3:59
9.Starting to Come to Me2:44
10.You Bowed Down4:56
11.It's Time6:00
12.I Want to Vanish3:14

Disk #2

1.Almost Ideal Eyes4:24
2.My Dark Life (feat. Brian Eno)6:25
3.That Day Is Done (feat. The Fairfield Four)5:11
4.What Do I Do Now?4:30
5.The Bridge I Burned5:23
6.It's Time (demo)4:00
7.Complicated Shadows (demo)2:28
8.You Bowed Down (demo)4:21
9.Mistress and Maid (demo)2:20
10.Distorted Angel (demo)2:34
11.World's Greatest Optimist (demo)2:35
12.The Only Flame in Town (demo)4:15
13.The Comedians (demo)3:10
14.The Days Take Care of Everything (demo)4:00
15.Hidden Shame (demo)3:59
16.Why Can't a Man Stand Alone (demo)3:01
17.Distorted Angel (tricky remix)5:36