All We Know Is Falling mp3 Album by Paramore

All We Know Is Fallingby Paramore

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:52


1.All We Know3:14
5.Here We Go Again3:46
6.Never Let This Go3:41
10.My Heart3:59
Maria G.
This album is good for a first album from a pop-punk band. My favorite and strongest tracks are the first four: All We Know is Falling, Pressure, Emergency, and Brighter. I play them a lot along with Paramore's complete 2nd and 3rd albums. I get bored with some of the other songs on Paramore's first album, which happens a lot to me while listening to pop-punk bands. It's just harder for a pop-punk band to impress me because my ears perceive a lot of them as being bland and generic-sounding. Paramore's 2nd and 3rd album, "Riot!" and "Brand New eyes," are major improvements on the first album; the bands musical and lyrical skills improved to the point where I personally thought that they deserved international fame and recognition, which they have received. Paramore has mass appeal and appeals to more than just listeners of pop-punk.
I have all the songs from this album on my iPod except Conspiracy and Frankin. I love the album, especially Brighter, Emergency, and Here We Go Again. Not Paramore's best album of the three but I still think it's great. I liked Conspiracy after listening to it for a few times. The other songs on the album are great too. Paramore is an awesome band and their lyrics are amazing! If you like Paramore, pop punk, or just all around good music I recommend this album.